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I had been planning to write about my deep affection towards eyeshadow shades and colors since forever but there were always other stuff to talk and ponder about so without further ado, these are my current eyeshadow palette collection; yeay!!! @_@ my previous Stila palette collection here were either expired, given away or lost =( I do have few others that I kept separately in my office and car that wasn't in the picture... 

The reason why I love eyeshadow palettes so much is because I can be creative and mixing the colors according to my mood and even the people I'm hanging out with, hee~ I love checking out YouTube for some eye-do inspiration and I have 4 sisters to experiment with, how cool is that? ^^ Sometime I remember the sleepless night I spend waiting to get my hands on some of the palette and the excitement of using it to meet my special someone @_@

Each and every palette really2 means a lot to me and have it's own story... Some of them were gifts from people that understand my addiction for colors and some of them were limited edition items that I had been lusting for impatiently, only a little amount of them were impulse buy which I learn to love eventually and yes I'm proud to say that I didn't feel any regret with my collection so far, wink2

 1 - Sephora Blockbuster Palette 2011
 2 - Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection - Eye & Cheek Palette
 3 - Benefit Annie Collection - Scene Queen
 4 - Bobbi Brown Mini Bobbi Brights Palette
 5 - Urban Decay Naked Palette
 6 - Inglot Freedom System Palette
 7 - M.A.C Make Me Over Collection - Evil Eye Palette
 8 - Lancome Color Focus Palette - Renaissance Printaniere
 9 - Benefit Smokin' Eyes Palette
 10 - Lancome Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette - Rubics Delices
 11 - Shu Uemura WKW Collection - Drowning in Flame Palette
 12 - Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette

Sephora Blockbuster Palette 2011

This is one of the most value for money palette I ever bought, it have more than enough colors to play with and come with blushers, liners and lip colors!!! It's the last year Xmas limited edition and no longer available but you can count on Sephora to come up with another great set in the future, they're awesome like that, hehe =P

Laura Mercier Lingerie Collection - Eye & Cheek Palette

I'm in love with this palette so much that I even bought 2, one for my mum and one for me, crazy isn't it? hehe =P The blushers are to-die-for and the shades really2 blew me away, my mum love hers very much too, she's a big LM fans anyway so she pretty much love everything they have, wink2

Benefit Annie Collection - Scene Queen

This is another favorite of mine, I can't believe I finally found blue shades that doesn't make my eyes look like it was punched by someone, haha =D The beauty of this palette is it came with Coralista, High Beam and BadGal liner to complete the look, all the Benefit Cosmetics best seller items that I heart!!! I even used it for my previous eye-over post here, super love ^_^

Bobbi Brown Mini Bobbi Brights Palette

To tell you the truth, I haven't use this palette yet but I love the fact that it is fancy enough and yet functional with it's compact size, 20 color choices, brush and mirror, what's not to like isn't it? *_* I'm eager to try out this palette soon, hopefully it will live up to my expectation!!! n_n

Urban Decay Naked Palette
Naked palette is one of the most popular eyeshadow palette in the blogsphere, it's everything but naked, with 12 earth/natural colors, from shimmer to matte, you can get from day to night effortlessly, ain't she sweet??? @_@ This is from my dad, he gave me money actually and of course I spend it on makeup, hehe =P I used this palette all the time especially when I'm traveling, it's very easy to match and versatile, me love ^_^

Inglot Freedom System Palett

I'm quite impressed with Inglot freedom system; which you can build according to your preference and style, whether you want a matte or shimmery texture, from light to bright colors, from single,duo,trio, quad to ten piece palette and last but not least you can choose either 2 different shapes; circle or square for your customize shades!!! I pick 2 matte colors, red/fuschia + black and 2 shimmery colors, yellow + orange, which is the perfect combo to create my Katniss Everdeen "Girl on Fire" inspired look here =)

M.A.C Make Me Over Collection - Evil Eye Palette

This is another palette that I haven't touch yet, I bought it from a friend who went to the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales recently... The dark shades instantly held me captive and the palette name really drawn me to it, I hope the shades will do the justice to its name ^^

Lancome Color Focus Palette - 105 Renaissance Printaniere

I was given this palette for my birthday couple of years ago and it definitely change my view on the green color ever since!!! Thanks to Cuna; I finally have my first green eyeshadow palette, weeee~ @_@ I remember doing different eye makeup for all my sisters during that year Raya with this palette, it's certainly one of a kind memories you can't buy with money, wink2

Benefit Smokin' Eyes Palette

I bought this palette during my first Benefit event 2 years ago which I blogged about here... it's one of the best palette I ever own, I adore the cute packaging, the colors choices and the fact that it came with eyeliner, brow wax and highlighter!!! A lot of thinking certainly were put into making this palette, the colors also easy to blend and very pigmented... I highly recommend this palette to all of you guys; it last forever even with my constant use, I heart this one ^_~

Lancome Ombre Absolue Impact 3D Palette - A10 Rubics Delices
Ever since I was invited to join one of Lancome blogger event last year here; I start to pay extra attention to Lancome makeup line; One of the thing I realize is that their packaging are very similar over the years and they have quite a lovely color range to explore... This is one of my everyday office look makeup palette, I used it so often that even one of the shades almost hit pan which I'll probably won't accomplish with any other palette, hehe =P

Shu Uemura Wong Kar Wai Collection - Drowning in Flame Palette

This is a gift from someone dear to me and I really2 falling hard for this palette; the packaging is a real beauty with 3D images and the color selection is romantic, sweet but still glamorous enough for a night out, wink2 I love the brushes and the blusher too, this is definitely the palette for someone that you love, and I love mine very2 much and still admiring it till this day, hihihi x)

Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette
I have a very high expectation with this palette due to the Benefit Smokin' Eyes awesome-ness... Despite having more color option, I find the colors doesn't really compliment my eyes the way other palettes do; so I don't really use it that much, most of the time my sister is the one who play around with it, hee~

I know I have enough to last a lifetime but I just can't get enough, I always feel happy and excited looking at my collection, it's like my secret escape from all the troubles and unhappy things in my life ^^ I'm looking forward to broaden my makeup collection to blushers as well in the future, wink2


  1. like3x. mmg btl2 in details u update for each palette. i dh snap dah my palette collection but still hav no time to update yet. kasi peram dulu...haha...mana aci ada palette tak msk pic nih. patut kutip skali yg kt ur office n car tu ;)

  2. Mane aci u peram2 lame2, nk tgk gak, hihihi =P amek pic byk2 tau babe, excited!!! ^_^

  3. Nice collection you have there Ayna!

  4. Thanks Jess, hopefully I can add more, hehe =)

  5. Oh my look at all those palettes, u are one proud mama! :O Hahaa.. No surprised, since u always have great eye makeup on everytime I see u during our lepak sessions. I barely use my stila in the garden pallette. (im more of a lipgloss girl) But that aint stopping me from waiting for LE palettes this coming holiday season!

  6. Blushing ^^ thanks Hanna for the compliment, proud mama it is =)i may have to stop buying any more palette for a while and try to finish what i have instead, sigh~


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