Picture Perfect @ Syawal 2012...

Syawal 2012 was a bit different for me, a lot actually... Since my grandma (from my mom side) passed away early this year, we don't really feel like going back to my mom hometown in Terengganu, too much drama to deal with =( We only took short holiday and spend it with relatives on my dad side at Johor instead. As usual, we celebrate raya very simply but still festive and jolly like Syawal should always be ^_^ 

To tell you guys the truth, we didn't prepare anything until the very last minute, thankfully all of us still haven't use our abayas which my parents bought from their recent umrah trip. It's so different from our normal outfit and come to think of it, it's quite fun to play dress up especially when we can be the mysterious Arabian princess with loud eye makeup, wink2 Here is one of my fav raya picture, there were never dull moment when it comes to my siblings, lol

the black -berries *_*
Another great thing about Syawal is the never ending open houses, I even had to turn down some of the invitations...  Luckily, I somehow managed to squeeze in one wedding along the way!!! It's my dad colleague's daughter wedding ceremony, which was held at Menara TM, Bangsar... I run out of raya outfit to wear and finally settled on my ButtonMyButtons signature bow kurung =) I planned to use it for another occasion but I think I find another way to wear it later on, hihi XD This is me & my little sis, both of us wearing cotton kurung that we both adore ^_^

cotton candy girls ^^
My high school classmate/roommate, Asmah invited me all the time to her house ever since she moving here... Only this year however I get the chance to drop by and catching up with her... She didn't change much despite her marital status unlike some of my friends and it definitely feels good to reminiscing the good old days while indulging my taste buds with all the delicious food she had, hee~ Her son, Amirul is the exact mirror image of her and really fun partner in crime too, super coolness!!! _

triple A's - Ayna + Amirul + Asmah =)
Last but not least is my workplace raya open house... Nothing interesting really, unlike everyone else, I don't have the luxury to enjoy it due to the nature of my job, sigh~ Being me, no matter how unhappy I am, I always try to find the beauty in every situation and I'm fortunate enough to know a few great people that day =) I met my new soulmate too, she love kebaya & cosmetics just like yours truly, we're kinda match made in heaven isn't it? We even wear identical accessories (almost), hehe =P

my soulmate, Athirah
And I did try something new too while waiting for my family to get ready for an open house nearby, I experiment with couple of my fav tunes and come up with this simple music arrangement, hihi x) it's the combination of 3 songs, Bila Cinta (Gio) + I Need a Doctor (Eminem) + Butterfly (Melly Goeslow) All these songs were introduced to me by 3 different people and I think I pleased all 3 of them with my video, wink2 It might not be perfect but I like it anyway, haha =D Hope you guys will love it too, enjoy!!! XOXO


  1. ayna! ur voice sgt best ok. suka sgt lagu butterfly yg u nyanyi tu. mmg best giler u main gitar for dat song.u pegi la masuk uji bakat mana2. nnt i vote u...hehe ;)

  2. Thanks Cuna for the compliment, muahssss ^__^ I sorg2 je berani lah, kalau dpn org, nanti skt perut, hahaha =D


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