Writing on the wall...

Okie, I've been tagged by Hanna around last week, but I kind of forgot to post about it, heehee =P Excuse my senget and bad handwriting ya, hahha =D I'll just copy paste the rules from Hanna's blog since I'm too lazy to type down everything, hehhhee ^_^

This tag need you to write on a piece of paper to show how your handwriting looks like and fit your personality.

1. Write down who tagged you
2. Answer these:

  • your name/ user name/ pseudo
  • right-handed or left-handed?
  • your favourite letters to write?
  • your least favourite letters to write?
  • write 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'
3. Tag five person

my bad handwriting, hahha =D


  1. oh yang ni. hahaha. tau tau. nanti ah buat.

  2. malaz sungguh kamu ini, hahhaha =D tau menggemokkan diri je, hehehhe =P

  3. At last ypu did it! That's a cute handwriting! But make sure your did write too 'senget'ly when writing on the white board while teaching the pre-schoolers. Hehee~ =p

  4. hah alamak kenak tag.kelak free aku polah. saksikanlah keseksian handwriting ku nanti muahaha. wah dah nangga transformers. aku lom gik haih

  5. Hanna : I can't help it, mmg minah senget I ni, hahahha =D

    Deya : Seksi ke??? muahahahha =D besh2, g la tgk dgn Dato' M, hehehhe =P


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