More Than Meets The Eye...

For her blog's 1st birthday celebration, my dear friend, Miu2 have organize a contest where we can win tickets to watch Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen before it release in cinemas... I'm so freaking excited to win this because firstly, I heart Bumble Bee, ^_~ secondly, I looooove Josh Duhamel (hate u Fergie =P) and thirdly because I kinda like Shia LaBeouf too, heehee =P (If I minus his Even's Steven days la... =D) And one more thing, I can't wait to check out the music features in this movie since the prequel's was very2 good indead ^_~

Me likey ^_~

This is how they looks like early in the morning, hehhhe =P

Below are my entry pics which may look quite ordinary but you'll never know what goes exactly behind the scenes, huh~ =_= I'm not exactly proud to say this but yes, I have to resort to bribery since they're all acting like zombie early in the morning, hahaha =D (you can tell from their expression, LOL =P) I gave them my not so famous Milo Milkshake (Milo + Milk + Booty shake = My milkshake, hehhe =P) and cookies to get their almost full cooperation... These pics are actually the only decent pics from almost 30 frames I got (we are so not gonna make it in ANTM, heehee =D) Check out my entry, wink2

Dear Miu2,

After one wonderful year, I believe your blog have certainly became an important part of yourself... You may not realize this but somehow, you have touched and inspired lots of people in so many ways... Keep being yourself girl, we won't have it any other way, your blog is so special, just the way you are... Happy Birthday, wishing you the very best and many great years ahead!!! Gambate Kundasai!!! @_@


p.s : weeeeeeeee, I won the contest, hehehhe =P arigato gozaimazta' Miu2 ^_~ Yeay!!! Can't wait to drool over Joshie although I can always meet him every Thursday on AXN, heehee =P


  1. looking forward 2 your update :)

    thanks for entering the contest Ayna, I love your pictures especially the 2nd one. U r right about it!

  2. kesian budak2 tu. suruh diorang buat nama atiqah comel. pls pls. tq. hahaha. nanti kasi baju, k k.

  3. Miu : Hehhee, I knew you gonna like that one ^_~ The other pic looks like a very2 sad birthday wish, rite??? I'm the only one who exactly smile, hehhehe =P

    Tqah : Hahhha, susah nak eja T-Q-A-H C-O-M-E-L tu, kalau T-Q-A-H P-O-Y-O boleh le, muahhaha =D

  4. rasa muda la tek, ras comel la :P

  5. ayat org2 jeles thp dewataraya itu, muahahaha =D

  6. wahaha! ini tidak patut!! mane boleh suruh budak2 angkat itu huruf!! :P

  7. itulah fungsi sebenar mereka, membantu teacher diorg yg di dlm kesusahan, muahahhaha =D


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