My Stila girls...

Firstly, I would like to thanks my dear friends Vivian, Hanna and Miu2 for the Neno's Award, Friendship Award and The Adorable Blog Award... (feels like I'm giving my Oscar's speech pulak, hehehhe =P) Since I don't know which awards I should do, I think I better make my own instead, hahahha =D

It's not exactly an award, more like a recognition and tribute to my dear blogger friends that I have come to love and treasure their friendship even though I met most of them through blogging and internet. Trust me, they are all beautiful person inside out and I really feel grateful to get to know all of you. They are just like my most prized possesion, the Stila palettes...

My Stila Palettes ^_~


Deya (Stila Pon Pon Gerbera Trio Palette)

She's my bff for almost 12 years, partner in crime and my confidate... Like Pon Pon Gerbera, she's cute and nice, selfless and kind... She's always there when I need her even though we're thousand miles apart +_+

Miu2 (Stila Love Yor Look Palette)

I relate this palette mostly with her because she gave it to me for my bday,yeay!!! Thank q so much, dear ^_~ Just like the natural colors, she's so naturally sweet, adorable and easy to love... Plus, she's also my Stila informer too, wink2

Vivian (Stila Red Carpet Look)

She's lovely and cute, good cook and a great mum... She's kind of chic in her own way... I think the colors will work wonders with her subtle-glam look, hehhe ^_~ I heart ur cuppies, gurl =P

Vonvon (Stila Scarlett Palette)

Like Scarlett, she's pretty much everything in one...She's a doctor who choose to be stay-at-home mom because of her little girl (so sweet ^_^) She's never afraid to stand up for herself and defends what she believes in... You go, girl!!!

Aida (Stila Blanc Palatte)

She's a wonderful girl who shares similar interest with me... ^_^ The artistic Blanc cover reminds me of our passion for music and I think the rare design certainly fitted with her personality and character, hehhe =P


Hanna (Stila Smokey Eye Palette)

She's such a nice girl who love make-up and barbie dolls... This palette suit her the most because it have voices just like dolls nowadays, hehhehe =P Soon to be teacher, she's definitely a force to be reckon with ^_~ Gambate!!!


 Suzie (Stila Montmarte Palette)

She's shopaholic mom, cute and chic like the purples in      montmarte... Being so close to delivery, she still can raid the sales and blogging, hehehhe ^_~ This girl certainly will go after what she want without any second thought!!! @_@

Lisa (Stila Asian Exclusive - Warm Trio Palette)

She's warm and nice, exactly like these colors. She's someone you want to be friends with and sweet in her own way, ^_~ A mom to be, her child will surely inherit her love for shopping, hehhe =P


Love you guys... ^_~



  1. aaaawwwhhhhh! kenapa u sweetttt sangat ni~~!


    thanks dear! u are officially my bff online~!


  2. Hey Mizz Ayna! Thanks a lot for the compliments. So sorry that am not reponsive to comments and stuffs as am just counting my days; got 2 more days to go before I go for my c-sect. scary uh? But this is my 2nd experience...I guess, I'll do just fine. Just wish me best of luck, yea?

    P/s: haven't heard from you quite a while. I guess, you're just swarmped with loads & tonnes of work? nvm, take care & blog regularly. Adios!

  3. oh gal :) thanks so much for the stila award..i certainly love the warm pallette..what a brilliant idea doin award your own way...u go gal!!

  4. aida : u r very welcome girl!!! ^_~ on9 bff sounds cool~, hehhehe @_@

    suzie : take a good care of urself tau... i scared myself to death watching c-section on youtube, hehhe =D
    actually i'm too lazy to blog more often, only when i'm too bored baru i blogging, hahahha =D

    lisa : thank q, dear ^_~ i'm so glad that u like it!!! i love the warm palette too...

  5. woohoo thanx for the award! xda nok bena2 pun kah? =p

  6. Oh Dear Ayna,

    Thank you for awarding me the Scarlett. It's so sweet of you. You surely know me very well. :)

    Great idea of yours to give out awards in the form of Stila palettes!

  7. deya : hehehhe, welkam2... budget lari la makcik,x dpt bg yg real2, bg lam facebook leh arr, hehehhe =P

    vonvon : u r very welcome, dear... i'm happy u like it because i don't think i can write about u any other way, heheehe ^_~

  8. Heyyy this is VERY creative of you! I'm honoured, honestly. For you to be so thoughtful, thanks dear!

  9. heeehee, just a little token for u girls that have been supporting me all this while... arigato!!! ^_~


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