Under the sea...

What's with me and song titles??? I always used songs as my post titles, I wonder why, hehhehe =P This one is from Disney's Little Mermaid by the way, which I think can best described this post ^_^ My 2 weeks holiday doesn't really work out as I planned (I actually thought I can lazying around, complete my Japanese Drama marathon, rearrange my room and finish reading all the books I recently bought) Well, fate intervenes of course, without my mum around, I practically in-charge in almost everything which include attend to my little sisters every wish and whim, huhu~

So, they happily dragged me to Aquaria earlier this week, which I rather pass since I'm trying my damnest to avoid any shopping complex trip due to the large hole in my wallet, sob2 T-T But, I didn't have the heart to turn them down because after this, I won't have much time to spend with them anymore... So, the 3 of us made our way to Aquaria, KLCC after having quick lunch at Bandar Tun Razak.

If you have been to Underwater World, Langkawi, you guys will probably dissapointed with the exhibit they got here. It's actually not much to bragged about, they have piranhas, sharks, sting rays, electric eels and few rare fishes but that's about it... Compared to Underwater World, I think the sea creatures here is quite limited. They tried to make it up though with variety displays of reptiles and insects... But Aquaria supposed to be about sea animals, rite???

Anyway, we definitely have lots of fun, watching the animals certainly awaken the curiosity in you and kind of makes me a little giddy too, hehhhe =D The sea tunnel is one of the main highlights over here besides the feeding show which I love very2 much... @_@ 

The sting ray definitely put quite a show and mesmerized every single person there especially me and all the kids... It certainly deserved a standing ovation, hahahha =D My photography skill is bad by the way, so I didn't manage to capture most of the beautiful scenes that day, T-T sob2 And the professional snorkelers who do the feeding are quite hot too, ^_~ I wonder if they will do free tutorial for me, hahhaha =D

The sea tunnel ride ^_^

Me likey this pic... @_@

The smiling sting ray +_+

The sand tiger sharks *.*

These fishes are making out in a broad daylight, hahhaha =P

The electric eel ^_^(we are from the same species as my bff used to say, hehhee =P)

Before I forgot, they are having on-going promotion at Aquazone (fish-spa) right now. If you bought any tickets to Aquaria, you are entitle to get 30 minutes fish-spa theraphy for only RM15... What a bargain, rite??? The prices at other fish-spa normally range between RM30-RM50 per person... So, of course I wouldn't miss it for the world... After tiring day walking around in heels for hours, a little treat like this was definitely worth a try... This is my first time meeting flesh and bone (literally =P) with the famous Garra-Fish and I'm totally hooked, ^_^ It felt like a weird kind of vibration and a little ticklish too but after sometime you'll get used too it... After the theraphy, your feet will feel a lot lighter and fresh exactly like after you scrubbing it with The Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Scrub, hehehe =P

Aquazone Entrance ^_^

 The Aquazone interior... =)

They're feasting on my feet hungrily, hehehe ^_^

Fish-spa models wannabe, hahhaha =D

p.s : One more thing, if you happened to be a college or university students, don't forget to bring your matrix card, you'll get special rate at Aquaria (I used my PJJ's ID, hehhe =P) for only RM20, a lot cheaper than the RM38 usual price... The money you saved can be use for your fish spa theraphy experience instead, hehehe ^_~


  1. best la.... sik payah jak g kenko ya.sib bait ikan ya sik mati lekak ngagak kaki ko owh =))

  2. ouh i want ur job so badly.


  3. Deya : hehhehe, mkn gemok ikan tu ade la kot... =D

    Aida : u won't say the same thing when u look at my paycheck, dear... sob2 T-T

  4. well its obvious that i'm just anak angkat. pergi zoo tak bawak, pergi aquaria tak bawak. so mogok la. balik rumah sekali sebulan. see u next month.

  5. wei, sape soh x mau balik umah??? tue2 pun nak merajuk ke??? hehhehe =P

  6. but but .. u got less stressful life! *envy*

  7. maybe... but u probably making triple than my salary, can shopping more, *envy* hehhehe =P

  8. the more money u earn, the more stressful ur work life will turn out to be..

    tapi serious la ayna.. best kerja macam u.. surrounding by naive kids.. mesti asyik tergelak je dengar ayat-ayat diaorang.. haha

  9. now that u mention it, aida, mmg betul pun, mesti i half mad kalau keje kat office, hehhhe =P

    mmg funny diorg ni, lg funny dr nabil raja lwk tu, hahha =D

  10. Me likey that pic too~

    "under the sea,sea,sea...darling it's better down here it's wetter take it from me~" LOL my fave Disney movie after Aladdin!

    Hehe regarding your job and career, alala jng la cmtu, teacher arent being paid that lowly kannnn...Aida's right; no point making so much money when work is so stressful. Huhuu

  11. Thank q, dear.. pic tu buat i rase mcm pro photographer je, hehhehe =P

    Hanna, u knew the song too??? leh la sing along nanti, hahhaha =P

    Tu la psl... gaji banyak tapi kalau sakit jiwa je memanjang x besh lah gak kan??? hehehhe ^_~

  12. LOL kalo u nk tau, I siap ade DVD special Lil Mermaid lg. haha! My fave song from the movie is Part of Your World. =D

    LOL betul2 tu. It's a win some,lose some situation. I know from d v beginning that our salary aint that high, but hey..having these kids to cheer u up doesnt suck at all! Well dunno la, as far as my practicum could tell.

    Meanwhile my bro, he's a doctor. gaji mg pehh~ la. Tp tensi 24jam. Weekend pn ken keje. Even kalo die off pn, die spent his off day sleeping, coz salu xckp tdo. Uhh I dun want a life like that! Ape gune duit byk kalo mase nk shoping pn xde? ;)

  13. A'ah, I pun suke lagu tu, sedey kan lagu die??? T-T

    Kalau u passionate about something, money is secondary rite??? But shopping is my passion too, how meh??? Hehehhe =P

    All the series (grey's anatomy/house/er/scrubs) makes doctor's job looks cool, but ur bro probably beg to differ, kan???

  14. Haha yup, sangat bed to differ! Plus he's really pantang bout how tv shows like CSI glamourize forensics, which in reality, arent glemer at all! Hehee

    Aiy me loves shopping too. Ouch cane,cane??

  15. TV's certainly have a way to make uninteresting things be more dramatic and glamorous... I used to believe that all policemen are hot u know (in msia are so not, huhu =P)

    We have to take second job la to support our habit, sob2 T-T


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