10 things I love about you...

I can give million reasons why I love my mum but the top 10 in my list why I admire, adore and love my mum are :-
  1. Her weird sense of humour ^_~ (my mum never take herself too seriously, maybe that's why I turned out this way, hehe =D)
  2. Her ability to multitask... (she's a businesswoman, housewife, wife, mother, and a shrink to all of us... ^_~)
  3. Her dramatic view of life... (my mum is fulls of drama, and it is so hilarious sometimes, hehhehe =P)
  4. Her selflessness... (she always think about others first... I think that is her most endearing quality ^_^)
  5. Her down to earth attitude... (she's so humble and down to earth, that's why all her friends love her)
  6. Her brain... (she's super genius to me, she can inspire and encourage people without intimidate them~)
  7. Her absolute faith in me... (she knew me inside out and trust me without restraining me to be someone that I'm not...)
  8. Her passion for what she do... (I love watching her doing her work, meeting with people and closed a deal... I wanna be like her too someday... ^_^)
  9. Her cooking skill... (she definitely cook from the heart, that's what make it taste sooo freaking good, hehehhe ^_~)
  10. Last but not least is her unconditional love to all 7 of us... We love you mum, yesterday, today, tomorrow, forever and ever...

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