Taking back my love...

My bff will probably laughing her ass off if she know how much I love this song, hehhehe =D Just to amuse her and her sister, Kak Miza (Enrique's die hard fans ever), I post this video for you guys who probably share the same love/hate issues I got with Mr Enrique, hahhhaha =D I'm so in love with Ciara gladiator heels in this video, any of you have seen the cheaper version of this shoes??? Please share with me ya... wink2 ^_~


  1. OMG ko minat enrique???? ohhh tidakkkkkkkkk =p. aku ada jumpa gladiator shoe cam ciara ya. di fabiano ricco bintang megamall. =)

  2. Aku minat lagu die je tau, hehehhe =D Kat ctu ade??? this weekend gak aku g cari kat Times Square, muahahha =D (doing my evil laugh)

  3. ade 2 version. first ngan ciara, then ngan sarah connor. like this one better

  4. I love Ciara's version too, hehhehhe =D It's better than Sarah's... ^_~



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