Love save the empty...

I'm finally myself again today thanks to all the kids that always makes my day shinier and brighter ^_^ So this post is actually a little tribute to all of them who never failed to amuse and entertain me... They can drive me to insanity sometimes but my day never lacks of drama and excitement... (I'm such a drama queen, hahhaha =D)

I teaches Science, English, Art and Music but my favorite moments always with the 4 yrs old Art class... They are so innocent and sweet, I have this crazy urge to protect them from the harsh reality of the world but at the same time I want to prepare them that life can't always be sugar, spice and everything nice... They have so much love to give, and I'm afraid that they'll get heartbroken if they are too trusting with people... (I'm being dramatic again, I know~ ^_^)

This is actually my attempt to persuade them to make a Teacher's Day card but we can only plan and hope, apparently they are more interested to draw ghosts and monsters today, hehhehe =D The Teacher's Day cake was gone by the way before I can snap some pics, sob2 T_T

The naughtiest of them all, hehehhe ^_~
Adzrai (left) and Faheem (right)

The sweetest kids ^_^
Amal (left) and Maryam (right)

The hardworking team @_@ (gambate, hait2!!!)
Luqman (left) and Fatin (right)

The Macho-man a.k.a future heartbreaker, hehehe =P
Zarif (he hate to share the limelight with Amal~ =_=)

The bubbly duo... (they are gossiping more than I do, =D)
Yanda (left) and Fiza (right)

Monsters vs Teachers??? LOL =P

My Teacher's Day gifts
(me likey, hehhehe +_+)

I wish you guys won't ever change yourself....
You all are so lovely to me in your own way...
Love you guys ^_^

Teacher Ayna


  1. OMG so u're a teacher! Hey buddy, I'm a teacher too! Well soon to be. My posting will prolly start this August. I'm on my break now. I once has ROS with a class of kindergarten kids. Awww lovely. Nakal but really cute. How can u hate them, right? =)

  2. Hehhhe, r u KPLI teacher, dear??? Trust me, u will never get bored with the kids... they are so freaking hilarious, hehehe =P one of the 6 years old kids actually propose to me before (my first proposal ever in my life,hehehe =P) and when I asked him why he want to marry me, he said straightfaced; because Teacher Ayna you make very2 nice origami... LOL =D

  3. LOL kids are rally honest,kn? That's why I love working with them. I'd rather deal with noisy, smeely kids than to sit in front of a pc for hours. Gkad u like your job! ;)

    No, not KPLI. I'm a B.Ed soon to b graduate. I was in the course since after SPM. Yup, 6 long years, not that I'm really complaining. =)

  4. hahaha.. that was funny!


  5. Hanna : Too honest actually, sometimes they can make me blushing like crazy, hehhehe =D 6 years dear??? Very2 long time indeed, u must be very2 good then ^_~

    Aida : Maybe he recognize my hidden talent of "lipat kain" from my origami skill, hehehhe =D

  6. Yep, 6 long years, yet I'm no smarter than those diploma educated teachers. Coz their rich experience just rock! Hehe dunno la what the Ministry of Edu were thinking back then. But now I heard only 5 years.

    Though I love my break now, I kinda lookin forward to start teaching! =)

  7. Good for you, Hanna ^_^ Gambate!!! You looking forward to teach, I pulak sooo looking forward for the school break ^_~ I wanna lazying around like Garfield, hehhehe =D

  8. Hehe coz d thing is, I can't wait to start earning money! 0_0 Huhu all these sales make me poorer~

    Hey school hol is jus around d corner, eh? Hehee

  9. Hehhe,me too... Why all sales must happened so close to each other??? My empty wallet can't take it anymore T-T sob2

    I'm so excited to wrap everything up and enjoying my 2 weeks holiday, yeay!!! hehhehe ^_~


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