In Good Faith with Faith in Face Hydrogel Masks

Its pretty embarrassing for self proclaimed beauty enthusiast like me to admit that I haven't really try any hydrogel mask before but in my defense, I actually didn't come across one that I truly like yet to give it a go until recently when I was introduced to Faith in Face range by my dear friend, Caroline

The packaging is so playful with retro-ish/vintage feels kinda similar to Soap & Glory, another favorite brand of mine so yes, I'm smitten & can't wait to try it out with my sisters. They are pretty low profile bunch of people so I won't upload any of our photos here and will try my best to review the entire line from their perspective too.

Before we move on to all that, here's a few facts that probably will surprise you about Faith in Face. It's actually a Korean brand that focus on hydrogel mask, an elevated version of sheet mask with the ability to lock in moisture a lot more better than the regular sheet mask. The gel like texture contains water soluble ingredient that they claim can cools down your skin temperature by 5 degrees!!! Sounds awesome right? 

Faith in Face hydrogel masks comes in 5 variants which aim to treat different skin concerns from brightening dull skin - Black & White Film Star / nourishing dry skin - Nourish Me / intense hydration treatment - After Shower Look / pore tightening - Miss Invisible Pore / lifting & firming - Hold Me Tight. All the masks were made from naturally derived extract with no added paraben or mineral oil and free from animal testing.

Faith in Face - Black & White Film Star 
[Flash Whitening Mask]

I had a very hard time applying this mask at first since I'm not used to hydrogel mask before. It's so slippery and full of essence, it took me a few attempts to get it right. Did I mention that it comes in 2 separate parts for your upper face and lower face? I wish they make it in one piece instead because now I have to go through that twice, sigh~ However, once I had it on my face, it fits me like a glove and I don't really have to adjust the mask every couple of minutes like the regular sheet mask. I wear it for about 30 minutes and true to their words, my face instantly brightens and lighten up ^_^ I guess the key ingredients; Niacinamide, Tangerine Peel & Green Tea Extract they're using for this mask definitely a winning combination!!! I highly recommend using this mask on special occasion because you truly feels like a film star after using one, wink2

Faith in Face - Miss Invisible Pore 
[Pore Tightening Mask]

My sister, Atiqah is the one who tried this mask and according to her, it doesn't really make her pore invisible which I kind of expect because miracle don't actually happened in real world =P She did get the tightening feeling when having this mask on and even though she can't detect any significant differences in terms of her pores size, she truly like the moisturizing effects she got after wearing it and of course the scent that lingering afterward. It's probably due to the mask formula itself that combines Chestnut Shell + Witch Hazel + Peppermint Extract.

Faith in Face - After Shower Look 
[Soothing & Moisturizing Mask]

I asked my other sister, Baizura to try this mask since she always complained about her super dry skin. The truth is, she's constantly expose herself to air-conditioner whether at work or at home so I don't think any beauty products can really fix that. To my absolute surprise, her skin did show a lot of improvement when she use this mask. It looks so much vibrant and naturally glow that she end up bought herself dozen of this mask!!! It really work wonders to give your skin intensive hydration and with Camellia Oil natural goodness packed inside, you won't look at any other mask the same way anymore.

Faith in Face - Hold Me Tight 
[Lifitng & Firming Mask]

This is another mask that I tried and like. The truth is, I'm not getting any younger and its about time for me to start thinking about firming & lifting no matter how young I always think I am XD I really love how tight and taut my skin feels immediately after using this mask eventhough the feeling only last for about half an hour... It's refreshing and moisturizing too thanks to the Rooibos + Red Ginseng Extract. Definitely a must try if you're a fan of anti-aging products or thinking of starting routine on one.

Faith in Face - Nourish Me 
[Vital Nourishing Mask]

Last but not least is their nourishing mask which I gave my sister, Izzah to test and review. She have a very sensitive skin so looking for products that truly suits her is really like finding a needle in a haystack. This mask fortunately succeed in giving her skin the right kind of moisture without irritate and harm her skin. The natural ingredient such as Olive Oil & Broccoli Extract contains in this mask really helps in nourishing her skin especially on her dry patches around cheeks area. 

MY VERDICT: All in all, I'm so glad that I finally give this hydrogel mask a try... I never really fall for Korean beauty craze before coz it's moving way too fast & kinda hard to keep up but now I guess, I'm more adventurous and excited to explore more trending beauty stuff. If you're interested to find out more about Faith in Face, you can check out their official links below or purchase it from your local Watson's outlets. Until we meet again, have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~

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