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I enjoy shopping and I believe lots of women out there share the same interest as well but do you realize that we can end up paying more than we should just because we shop at the wrong place and time? I experienced that most of the time mainly because I'm too lazy to ask around for a better deal but afraid not if you're on the same boat with me because there's new mobile application in town to make your shopping expenditure even more awesome and worth it!!!

Introducing Cream App from BuzzElement, a consumer based mobile application and platform that leverage the crowd to help consumers determine whether they are receiving a good deal or the other way around on their purchase. Currently available for free at Google Play and will be coming soon to Apple Store, Cream positioning itself to be the "waze for real time pricing data" with interesting features such as currency converter, follow functionality, enhance design and so much more...


Still puzzled about how the application works? Check out the above video to get the full idea behind Cream App, which initial focus is to establish a large community of users to make the pricing data more accurate and valuable. As the users and pricing data growing, Cream will be able to use the analytic to create a real time pricing engine using their proprietary technology which can benefit consumers, travelers, brands and also researchers to help them predict the global pricing patterns.

Step 1 : Snap A Photo
It's pretty easy to use this application too. After finish installing Cream App in your mobile device, sign in using your Facebook account and start snapping photos of things you intend to buy right away!

Step 2 : Enter The Price
Next, add brief description and information about the items you thinking of purchasing and enter the price with the correct currency for easy reference and comparison.

Step 3 : Start Sharing
After that, you can start sharing your photos and you can monitor the feedback you received through the notification and analyze it from graph chart percentage before you make your purchase.

Interested to know more about Cream App and wondering how the geo-technology and crowdsourcing feature can help you make a better purchase? Well, you have nothing to lose and a lot more to gain by giving this application a shot, wink2 Visit their website, to learn more about the application and start making your purchase worth every penny with Cream App =) Until then; don't forget to follow me on Cream & have a wonderful day lovelies, adieu~


  1. interesting! nak pakai jugak lah apps ni. Thanks babe! :D

    1. u r very welcome, glad to share with you dear =)


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