Into the Core with Real Techniques Core Collection...

I'm in the mood to review lately, so you can expect a lot more cosmetic reviews coming your way soon, lovelies ^_~ Today it's gonna be about my favorite brush set, Real Techniques Core Collection by Samantha Chapman, the youtube makeup guru! I got it from The Fashionette Sisters, an online seller for cosmetic products that you can't get it here in Malaysia. Have you read my Sigma Make Me Classy - Travel Edition review here? I purchase the set from them as well, do check them out ya =)

This set consist of 4 makeup brushes for your face and comes in a panoramic case which you can double use to keep the brushes neatly or transform it into a holder for your brushes after cleaning.The brush handle is quite firm and sturdy, it's so fun to apply products with it and of course, they have the brush engraved with it's name to make it easier to identify the function. All the brushes here are made from ultra smooth taklon (synthetic fiber) bristles so yes, no animal is harm during the process, wink2

Real Techniques Core Collection - Buffing Brush
I really really love this brush. It can be use in lots of way from applying loose powder, powder foundation to liquid foundation and I like the fact that it blends very effortlessly! It feels so soft against my skin, sometimes I wonder why I spend so much money on brushes that deliver less result T_T

Real Techniques Core Collection - Contour Brush
I'm not really into contouring so I choose to use this brush for applying my blusher instead. You might end up looking too sharp if you didn't properly blend it afterward but you can always use the buffing brush after that to get a more refine and finish look =)

Real Techniques Core Collection - Pointed Foundation Brush
This brush is actually meant to be use for liquid foundation application but I find it's a bit hard to work with compared to the buffing brush... Afraid not lovelies, after a few tries I learn that this brush is quite good at being a concealer brush! Happy dance, weeeee~

Real Techniques Core Collection - Detailer Brush
Detailer brush is another one of my favorite from this set; it's very versatile and precise, I can use it for difficult to reach area around my eyes or it can double up as a lip brush as well! I'm sure you can always find a new way to use this brush, maybe to highlight your cupid bow, wink2

All in all, I think this set is really a worthy buy not only for beginner but for avid makeup users too... It's priced at approximately RM100 (very budget friendly, isn't it?) and you'll get 4 makeup brushes that perform quite well with or without each other and a nice brush case for traveling! Check out Real Techniques official website or youtube account to watch the tutorial on how to use the brushes from Samantha Chapman herself & until next post, Happy Monday everyone, adieu~


  1. Been eying this for soo long already! It sure have a good reputation :)

    1. You really should give it a try dear, highly recommended by me, hehe =P

  2. teringin sangat nak ada real technique ni... :)
    memang ramai yang review dan suggest this brush set kan?

    1. Betul2, mmg sng nak apply face products dgn brush ni, harga pun reasonable =)

  3. I love Real Techniques makeup brushes too! I think my most fav brush would be the buffing brush. >.<

    1. Same here, I never thought you're into RT babe, now sudah ada geng, hahaha =D

  4. Best kan Real Techniques brushes? :)



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