The Devil Wears Prada @ Reebonz Malaysia...

My fascination with designer labels have begun ever since I watched my first episode of SATC on HBO more than 10 years ago ★_ The feelings however isn't mutual due to the unforeseen circumstances (you know what I mean~ =_=) and I just let it drifted away, at the back of my mind waiting for the right time to resurface again...

I remembered a conversation with my sister over our spa session couples of years ago about how bad we want to own something significant before we hit 30... She's getting closer to her dream (she want a sport car) but I couldn't see myself getting any nearer to mine, sob2 T_T The truth is, I'm a very simple, laid back, "girl next door" kind of girl you might overlook in a crowd... What I really want is a piece of item that can make me stand out and speak for myself without I even have to utter a single word =) I know I can attract people attention if I want to with my charm (perasan =P) but sometimes I hope I don't have to, you know? 

Back to the labels, yeah I think owning at least one designer bag will make me feel like I achieved something in my life... The thing is, every time I'm getting closer to buy one, I always feel a sense of guilt thinking how hard it is for me to save up the money and spend it on one thing just like that~ I'm a big fans of Anya Hindmarch btw hence the blog name but her bags isn't that cheap, sigh~ I know there are pretty good knock off out there but I kind of hate fake people and extend the same courtesy to the fake stuff as well, LOL

So, I tried to channel my needs to a healthier alternative which is buying designer cosmetics instead and browsing website, blogs and magazines =) My enthusiasm of stalking beauty sites had finally paid off when I joined Fatin's blog; Chocolate Cats - Reebonz giveaway last month!!! I've been reading her rave & reviews for years and she's one of the people that you really can trust when it comes to desserts and cosmetics @_@ Check out her blog here if you doubt my words =P

Now, I'm the proud owner of the very sexy Prada pouch worth RM1,300 _❤, thanks to Chocolate Cats and Reebonz Malaysia!!! I still can't believe my luck, the timing couldn't be any perfect with my birthday coming up next month and the company dinner soon =) I already imagining myself using it as a clutch and statement item in numerous occasion~ 

I can't resist the urge to call myself "the devil wears Prada" now that I have this baby, hihi =P Not that I'm a fan of Red Devil or the movie but yeah, I can be pretty devil-ish too when I'm driving, haha =D This prize however won't make me giving up my dream of owning a designer bag that easily, it's definitely a great motivation for me to work harder and dream bigger, a Chanel flap perhaps? wink2

Before I go, check out Reebonz Malaysia FB page here or their website here for more awesome bags at a bargain price ★_★ They currently have on-going promos that would be a perfect for Mothers Day gifts Don't worry, all of their items are authentic, with various of luxurious brand to choose from and exclusive offers for members!!! Sign up now and unveil the surprises within, who know you might get lucky too =) 

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