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While I was organizing my beauty stash the other day, I realized that I never really review any of my makeup brushes before!!! A little bit unusual considering the amount of time I spent playing with my brushes, hehe =P I remembered posting about my Stila & Shu Uemura brush hauls few years ago and that's it I guess... 

Among all the makeup brushes that I own, the only close to complete set that I've got is Sigma Make Me Classy - Travel Edition =) I bought it last year from a local online seller, The Fashionette Sisters here after having second thought on buying Sedona Lace brush set which I think quite large for my tiny face =P

This travel edition is actually the spin off from their Make Me Classy - Essential Kit, with identical but slightly smaller and a little less makeup brushes (only 7 instead of 12 brushes). Just like the original collection, the travel set also come in 4 color variants; Black (Make Me Classy), Pink (Make Me Blush), Purple (Make Me Crazy) and Aqua (Make Me Cool). 

I used to travel a lot and it really bugs me when I forgot to bring my fav brushes, sigh~ Applying makeup with fingers might be fun if you're good at it but If you're not, makeup brush is your best option unfortunately... Since the brush come in a unique case (it can transform into 2 brush holders!!!), I can easily pack it and not worrying about missing any of my brushes, yeaaaaaah \\@_@//

Moving on to the brushes, there are 3 face brushes and 4 eye brushes in this kit. It's more than enough to do a full makeup =) Some of the brushes were made from pony or goat hair meanwhile the rest are synthetic brushes. The brushes have a solid handle which make it quite easy to work with and engraved with the brushes name to help you identify their function. 

I have nothing but love for this brush, it's so soft against my skin and works perfectly with my fav setting powder, MUFE HD Powder It doesn't shed much like my other powder brushes, so yes I'm happy with it =) Since it's made from natural bristles, I normally use my M.A.C brush cleanser delicately to clean it to maintain the brush condition.

I'm pretty hopeless when it comes to contouring, so I'm using this brush solely for applying blushers. I have mixed feelings about it cause it gets dirty easily but on the other hand, I like the brush slanted shape which fit the cheeks better than the typical blush brush ^_^

This is unfortunately my least favorite brushes in this kit... I don't know why but i really can't spread my liquid foundation evenly with it and have to resort to other method to get the job done, sigh~  Is it me or the brush??? I only tried it with my MUFE HD Foundation so far and perhaps this two wasn't really match made in heaven =(

Honestly, one of the reasons I bought this kit is because of the existence of this brush. Sadly, this is nothing like I imagined it would be, it's quite big for a blending brush even with my not so small eyes!!! I think blending shades with my fingers gave me a better outcome than using this... I end up using it as a my concealer brush instead. It works amazingly well to cover my spots and imperfections so it's not really a total waste in my calculation @_@

This brush on the other hand, is pretty small to be all over eyes brush. It serves it purpose but could have been better if it is slightly bigger... It's okay for me I guess, but it always keep me thinking of my Stila No 15 brush which I love dearly~

I really2 love this brush, it's precise enough to use at my lower lash line, soften pencil eyeliner remarkably well, great for inner corner highlight and also perfect for applying shades at the crease before blending!!! Highly recommended for makeup addict, you can experiment lots of looks with this baby

I normally use this brush to apply my brow powder but it can also works as your brow arch highlighter when you pair it with shimmery pink shade =) It's just like any other angle brush, pretty easy to use and quite versatile... I even used it once to highlight my cupid bow, wink2

Sigma Make Me Classy - Travel Edition is a great investment if you're on the look out for a basic makeup brush set that's travel friendly... It's however not complete enough for a whole look (no lip brush, concealer or eyeliner brush included) but the great thing is some of the brushes can multitask quite well =)

It's price at USD65 on Sigma Beauty website which is approximately RM200 (not included postage); still a lot cheaper compared to M.A.C brushes!!! It also comes in vegan option for animal lover out there (Mr & Mr's Bunny), so you can pretty much have the best of both world ❤_

I like most of the brushes btw, I only wish I picked my fav color, purple or pink instead, black is so yesterday, LOL Do you own any Sigma brushes or planning to buy any? Feel free to share your thoughts with me =) Till then, adieu girls~


  1. Hi! I love the brushes. Nice blog, btw.

  2. I'm loving it too Shikin, thank you for dropping by dear =)

  3. wahh.. good info for me yg make up ala2 je..

  4. thanks nida, kulit u dah cantek dear, just makeup mata ckit je dh perfect, jelessss =P


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