The Wait Is Over for Samsung Galaxy S4...

Rejoice my dear friends, 
The wait has finally come to an end, 
Galaxy S4 have safely landed on our shore,
Let's visit Samsung Centre nearest to you and explore!!!

Yes Malaysia, you heard it right; Samsung Galaxy S4 have made their grand entrance last Saturday in a full of style & splendor ceremonies; enough to lure all the gadget addicts and tech enthusiasts to swarming around shopping malls on a very hot day! The series of events began at Sunway Pyramid as early as 9.30am, followed closely by The Gardens Midvalley, Berjaya Times Square and not to forget their last destination, Low Yat Plaza.

I was there at the last pit-stop to witness the coolness myself and the first thing that crossed my mind was "these Samsung people really know how to throw a great party!" =P The atmosphere that day felt very much like a carnival, with circus performers all over the place (mimes, clowns, jugglers), cheerleaders, marching band, musicians, singers, dancers and even celebrities happily entertained the crowd that were clearly in a festive mood =)

As much as I want to enjoy the show, I'm more interested to take a closer look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 so I quickly made my way towards the Samsung Centre and playing with the smartphone before anyone else get their hands on it, hehe =P And it definitely live up to my expectation! It's 5 inch Full HD Super Amoled display give a brilliant image clarity like no other, 13 megapixel rear camera that works wonder and 12 shooting mode that would be perfect for the-not-so-tech-savvy me, wink2

If someone ask me what's S4 features that fascinated me the most? I will gladly answer back; you ask a very tough question young lady, there are so many cool stuff you can do with this gadget and I happen to love them all! But if I have to narrow it down to only 3, my pick are definitely the Dual Camera, Air Gesture and Story Album =) I even took some pictures of me fooling around with the S4 unique functions for girls and guys out there who are curious about the latest Samsung "it" thing @_@ 

Dual Camera function

It’s true ladies and gentlemen, there are always 2 sides of every story and S4 bringing the whole concept to another level with their Dual Camer function which cover both rear and front camera in a photo! There are endless possibilities to capture your precious moments with this feature existence and the best thing is, the photographer won’t be left out in their photos anymore! Isn’t that genius? I tried it myself the other day and come up with a fun way to photobomb, hehe =P
Air Gesture function

This special feature is something that I really look forward to experience eversince I watched the Samsung Galaxy S4 ads on Youtube couple of weeks ago. With Air Gesture, I can change the music track, scroll up and down a web page, and even accept a call simply with a wave of my hand! This can come in handy especially when I'm driving or when your hands are not clean enough to touch screen. S4 definitely create a new touch-less experience for their users through the motion detector, something you really have to see it to believe it ^_~

Story Album function

Here's another one of my favorite, the Story Album function. I love to take a lot of pictures during vacation but I always dreading organizing photos for my family viewing pleasure, sigh~ The truth is I'm an organize freak by nature; arranging photos normally took me days to complete, something that I rather skip if I was given a choice, hehe =P Thank god now I finally found the answer to my first world problem, yeah~ Samsung Galaxy S4 organize photos and create albums based on specific events and you can customize them in any way you want. There are various layouts and themes that you can add on before printing the photos as a keepsake =)

Feeling the love for the Samsung Galaxy S4 awesomeness yet? Well, you're not the only one, head over to you favorite Samsung Centre or visit their page here for more details before it's too late! I heard that it was out of stock at most outlets~ Retail at RM2199 for the device alone and a lot cheaper with TelCo providers packages, Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely something you don't wanna miss for the world

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