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 Hi there, Miss May

Happy Labour's Day everyone~ I hope you're having a blast today just like I do =) We finally meet May, my favorite month of the year (for obvious reason, wink2) and I guess this is the perfect time for another giveaway, yeay!!! @_@ Since I love books and beauty so much, I think why not spreading the love for both stuff to my lovely readers too, right? 

 My beauty books collection n_n

Beauty book seems to fit the bill so I'll be giving away 2 copies of my favorite books; Bobbi Brown - Living Beauty in a very simple giveaway. All you have to do is be my blog follower and tell me one of your beauty tips/tricks in the comment section below. Isn't that easy? 

This giveaway is open only to Malaysian citizen by the way and will be running from 1st May to 31st May 2013. 2 winners will be chosen by me based on how cool is your tips/tricks. I'll contact both winners via email and and announce it on this post a week after the closing date =)

I'm up for grab, ladies =P

Wait no more girls, submit your entry now and make sure you write down your email address and follower ID too =) I'm so excited to learn your beauty secrets and can't wait to try it soon, wink2 Till then, enjoy the rest of your day off and adieu lovelies  


Congratulation to Jia Wun & Lynn, both of you are the lucky winners of this giveaway, yeay!!! For those who did not win, better luck next time girls, thank you so much for participating, I really appreciate reading all of your entries, thank you so much for your support, muahsss ❤_


  1. Follower ID: Eriol Loh
    My beauty secrets is I will use sunscreen every three hours and I will bring along my umbrella and my jacket to protect myself from the sunlight. And every night I will use hada labo toner as my hydation mask and this make my skin very smooth and fair.

  2. Follower ID: Khairani Karim
    email: kyrashin275@yahoo.com.my

    My beauty secrets that I will do everyday are FIRST, drink a glass of water on empty stomach everytime I wake up in the morning ( without brushing teeth first ), a MUST to wear sunblock preferably SPF 35to40 as too much will not do any good. Alas, good skin starts from proper and good digestion, so make sure to eat properly and healthy to achieve good skin!~

  3. Follower ID: Elvina Chua
    Email: Elvina_labellavita@live.com

    I have a few beauty tricks that works on me. I used essential oil for my facial wash and makeup remover because it will leave the skin smooth and hydrated without rubbing too hard to wash off the makeup. I usually do double mask as in I apply the peel off mask first (black mud)and continue to apply cooling mask or aloe vera mask to shrink the pores and hydrate my skin. A very important and natural trick is to drink lots of water and sweat during the workout. It will give the skin a natural glow =)

  4. Follower ID: Abby
    Email: reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

    My trick is quite a 'green' one. If you find that you can't seem to finish your facial lotions (like Hada Labo/RMK etc) before the expiry date, get some paper masks and soak them through with the lotion and TA-DA you have your own sheet masks! This way not only do you save money on not having to buy more sheet masks, you can use up all your lotions before they expire and become wasted (no tossing away products)

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway dear. I love Bobbi's books! All the best everyone.

  5. Follower ID: ciksuzlin
    Email: busymonkey07@gmail.com

    Beauty Secret: Use your lipstick as eyeshadow and blusher.

  6. Follower Id : Sabrina Tajudin
    Email : hello(dot)nsabrina(at)gmail(dot)com

    My beauty trick : use baby wipes before cleansing. I have been doing this routine since last year, it really really change my life! Haha! Easy on the pocket and makes my skin better. As usual removes "hard to remove" makeup with eyemakeup remover on lip and eye area. Then, use one sheet of baby wipes to wipe the whole face again, scrubbing the lip and wipe including the neck. Its works like a scrub/exfloiator before cleansing. It is really important to make your skin 100% without makeup when sleeping. I found that on the next day, the foundation i applied is much more smoother and not cakey. Cakey sometimes cause by yesterday leftover makeups. You can totally see the diffrence when using toner too! No more makeup stains! The one im loving is baby wipes from Jusco. 160sheets for RM8.90.
    Omg! So long...haha! Good luck everyone and thank you so much for this oppurtunity!!

  7. Ayna!!! This book have been in my to read list for ages.. never got around to buy it :(

    I have loads but its already said by the others up above me hehehe..but here goes

    1. Never ever leave the house without a sunblock.. they are right, u dont seem to find it important now, but it will bite u in the bum when ur old(er) huhuhu

    2. I have very very dry skin, so something that is always, always in my bag along with my fon n wallet: a moisturizer coz i repleshing all he time and a lip balm.. i think i can finish up 2 lip balm a year.. heck i got lipbalm in all my handbags hehehe

    3. a fren of mine taugh me this THE Oil Clensing Method.. a mixture of caster oil and evoo/sunflower oil etc.. depends of ur type of skin u mix a porpotion of both and it becomes the best 2in1 makeup remover n cleanser. If u google it u can get tips on the mixture portion...

    4. when all hell breaks loose and ur skin is just irritated.. go back old school..seriously bedak sejuk really helps.. i got mine w a mixture of gamat..it's cooling n healing and scares my kid to sleep early most of the time ehhehehe

    well anyways, i love ur blog..and envy all ur makeup.. till we meet again!

    ID Zuen
    email lynnzuen@gmail.com


  8. Omg, I've wanted that book for the longest time!

    Follower ID: Jia Wun
    Email: itsmejiawun@hotmail.com

    I have quite a few beauty secrets but they all require no $$ at all! Splashing cold water on your face in the morning helps tighten pores and also gives a cooling feeling. I also chop up half a lemon and put sugar on it and use it on my face. The sugar will exfoliate my skin and the lemon can whiten the skin naturally. Fresh out the shower, I put honey on my lips. When I'm done with my whole skincare routine, I wash off the honey. It leaves me with soft, smooth lips!

  9. Follower ID: tammylci
    E-mail: tammylci@gmail.com

    I don't have the Beauty Rules Book! but I'll try my luck here to win haha. Congratulations & Happy Birthday to you and your blog Ayna!~ winks winks back haha.

    Beauty secret? hmmm... there's one secret I keep for keeping my lips baby soft and free from dead skin cells or peely peely skin and I only do that when I'm baking a batch of banana bread to enjoy!

    While measuring the ingredients, I'll casually drop olive oil on my hand, mix it with brown sugar to create a sugar scrub paste. I rub the lovely goe on my lips and instantly becomes pucker ready <3

    and that's not the only secret..because after that.. I lick them off when I pop the banana bread in the oven.

    It's edible XD because... it's home made..

  10. Following ID: jerine lay
    Email: jerine.lay@gmail.com

    Gosh... I have too many beauty secrets to share. Some of it are not really secret. I'm just going to focus on tips for great skin...

    1. If you use layers of skincare, always allow 10 seconds for the product to absorb before putting on the next product. For example, after you apply your toner, wait 10 seconds before you apply the serum.

    2. Always scrub your face. Do it at least twice a week (depending what type of scrub you use). New skin takes 2 weeks to reveal itself. If you scrub often, it will be faster. That way, you'll get fresh skin all the time.

    3. Hydration is the key to great skin. Drink plenty of water everyday, and don't rely on skincare to hydrate your skin because if your skin is dehydrated, it will not absorb any benefit from the skincare.

    I can go on and on, but basically those are some of the important tips I have in hand.

  11. Follower ID: Nicole Sim
    Email: nic.nicole90@gmail.com

    Hey there! One of my favourite beauty tricks is using Olive Oil literally for anything!

    Olive oil can be used as nutrition for hair and skin :) I often use olive oil as makeup remover because it removes my makeup effectively, leaving my skin moisture and clean. Moreover, do you know that olive oil can be used to clean makeup brushes as well? Add some dish detergent and olive oil in cleaning the brush would make my brushes lembut and bersih!! =) It is one essential that all beauty lovers should have =D

  12. Follower ID: Farisha Nadia
    Email: winter_blueangel@hotmail.com

    My beauty tip in makeup is to enhance your best features instead of changing your face entirely! It's a classic natural beauty that is timeless and fool proof. Makeup is suppose to express yourself not hide your beauty behind a mask ^_^

  13. Thank you dearies for your fabulous entries, I will announced the winners soon, stay tune, wink2


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