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I never really warm up to the idea of cleansing oil when I first knew about it couple of years ago. Back then, I thought removing makeup using oil based formula will only make my face become oilier than it already is. My perception however changed after I tried Shu Uemura cleansing oil. It cleanse and removes my makeup easily compared to regular makeup remover. Unfortunately, it's way too expensive for a frequent makeup user like me, sigh~

Thanks to Only Beauty and Nature Republic, I've met the perfect alternative to my beauty dilemma; Nature Republic Forest Garden cleansing oil It's a lot cheaper, comes in 5 different types of oils that cater to various skin concern and smells wonderfully awesome! Here's a little info about their cleansing oil range :-

# Tea Tree Cleansing Oil ~ clean and fair skin (RM82.90/200ml)
# Green Tea Cleansing Oil ~ sheer complexion (RM82.90/200ml)
# Chamomile Cleansing Oil ~ extra care for sensitive skin (RM82.90/200ml)
# Olive Cleansing Oil ~ extra moisturing (RM82.90/200ml)
# Argan Cleansing Oil ~ plentiful nourishing to skin (RM82.90/200ml)

As much as Argan and Olive oil intrigued me, my heart instantly fall for Chamomile cleansing oil which is infused with the active ingredient of natural chamomile water to protects sensitive skin from various harmful materials and stress. Besides being mild, fresh and soothing for my skin, the chamomile scents also giving me the spa kind of feeling while removing my makeup, making the whole routine something I really look forward to at the end of the day =)

Did I mention about their packaging yet? They used environmentally friendly paper that is recyclable and printed with soy ink, a greener substitute from the regular petroleum based ink. You can find a braille writing on the packaging as well, a very unique feature that I wish to see more on other products... If only I can interpret the meanings behind it, sigh~
Anyway, a review won't be complete without a little demo don't you think? The artistic side in me finally kicked in, so I channel it into a slightly different surface in a tattoo style font using my blackest waterproof eyeliner from Benefit Cosmetics =) 

(1) From the first picture, you can view my so called "art work" at the back of my hand, not very artsy I'm afraid, LOL 

(2) Next, I applied 2 pumps of Nature Republic Chamomile Cleansing Oil to the area and massage it lightly in a circular motion. 

(3) The color quickly fade away and I only need to swipe a wet tissue to remove the stain completely.

I just love how easily I can remove my waterproof eyeliner with this cleansing oil. It's also gentle enough for my problematic, sensitive skin, yeay!!! Highly recommended to all of you out there who's still looking for the perfect makeup remover Visit your nearest Nature Republic outlets to try it out today and feel the force of nature yourself =) Until we see each other again, Happy Voting Everyone~


  1. good review :) I love your art there!

  2. Thanks sweetie, muahssss ^_~

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  4. Awwww, thanks babe, that's so sweet of u =)

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    xx, Gina

  6. awww, thanks Gina <3 will definitely do dear =)


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