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-the cutest cuppies I've ever seen-
(credits to Eugene for the pic)

Unlike other normal girls, I happened to be among the rare breed who's unfazed by anything Korean (K-pop, K-drama, Psy, Gwiyomi, you name it~) The only thing about them that really impressed me is their dedication towards beauty. I mean, they don't mind going under the knife or spend thousands for beauty, not everyone willing to go that far you know... Not to mention, their flawless skin and glowing complexion; I would kill to have skin like that, LOL

Lee Kyeong Min
(actress/model/Ciracle spokesperson)

Guess what? We are now one step closer to achieve Korean women beautiful skin too, girls! Bestselling Korean derma skincare brand, Ciracle have finally reach Malaysia to bring the nature's origin of cosmetic miracle right to your doorstep =) I was invited for a little sneak preview of their star products couple of weeks ago and I can assure you it's nothing like the typical Korean products that you used to see, wink2

Ciracle's star products ^_^

Ciracle (or miracle with the capital "C" =P) was established since 2000 by a group of young researchers in Korea that consists of skin specialists from different expertise such as dermatologists to cosmetics specialists. They have join forces and create organic based beauty and health products for consumers through their R&D initiative. Focusing in the goodness of Vitamin C, Ciracle has been recognised for their efforts to combine advance technology in creating anti-oxidant beauty products that fight skin aging with eco friendly approach. Here's a little info about Ciracle that you shouldn't miss~

Ciracle's Miracle ❤

Besides their anti aging range, Ciracle's have extensive products line that covers different skin dilemma such as blackhead & pore care, anti-blemish care, anti-redness care, whitening care, moisture care, wrinkle care, men's care and not to forget, acne care. With price started from RM28 to RM117, Ciracle offers a high-end skincare solution at a very affordable price tag, double yeay~ \\@_@//

Of course I didn't go back home empty handed that day, the awesome people at Ciracle packed me with their bestselling goodies to try and experience it myself, weeeee~ (I'll blog about it very soon, wink2) Check out their website here or you can click at my Ciracle's blog banner to learn more about Ciracle's skincare range. Before I go, I'm wishing all mummies out there a very Happy Mothers Day ❤_❤ Adieu dearies~


  1. so nice...I only got 3 full size products frm them. How can u got 4?

    I'm compiling Teaffani food review, hope u done it asap ya! Once you done, pls attach ur link here:


  2. really Emily? lucky me then =P will post asap the link to u dear =)


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