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Breakfast at Tiffany's? Wasn't really my cup of tea but "Breakfast at Teaffani" definitely is!!! Although I'm no Holly Golightly, I love everything fancy when it comes to my food, hihi =P Thanks to The Butterfly Project, I was among the lucky bloggers chosen to experience the Teaffani's High Tea food tasting session earlier this month, something that I wouldn't missed for the world, wink2

Located at Fahrenheit88, Teaffani Patisseries who also known as the English High Tea expert, gives you a slightly different atmosphere than cafes you used to see... It's situated literally in the middle of clothing and accessories counters!!! What a cool way to win a shopaholic heart, don't you think? =P While sipping your tea and enjoying your pastries, you can feast your eyes on the various outfits on display, double guilty pleasure for me, heeee~

To make your high tea moment even sweeter, Teaffani serves their customers with the finest English crockery set, fabulous for any occasions =) All the details feel very much like a scene from Downtown Abbey than a cafe to me, haha =D There are tons of premium tea choices to spoil you, from English Breakfast, Peppermint, Chamomile, Earl Grey to Darjeeling, perfect combination with any dessert! I just don't get how a coffee person can live missing the beauty of tea and dessert union? It's like match made in heaven, what's not to love, right? ^_~

Back to Teaffani, we were welcomed that day by the owner herself, the lovely Ms Rachael Ang who brief us a little about the history behind Teaffani; which is the pioneer for mobile high tea service here in Malaysia!!! Catering for numerous big names before, from Rolls Royce, Setia Eco Glade, Reebonz to Robinson (just to name a few), Teaffani is clearly in a class of her own ^_^

Unlike normal high tea promos at hotels and cafes, Teafanni High Tea Set is available throughout the day, yeay!!! @_@ Comes with complimentary tea of your choices and 8 different savoury and sweet delicacies to satisfy your hunger, this 2 pax set is more than enough to accommodate 3 people if you ask me... With only RM49.90, you get 2 types of sandwiches, Tiramisu, raisin scones, carrot cakes, chocolate brownies, orange pudings, chicken quiches and macaroons! You really should come with empty stomach if you want to finish everything, LOL

I'm not a food connoisseur nor an expert, so I think I'll leave the big words for those who really know what they're talking about... I'll highlight on my personal favorite instead, based on my taste buds and preference =) Honestly, I don't drink coffee so Tiramisu wasn't really my kind of dessert, but I'm drawn to it because of the cute little jar that comes with the Tiramisu... The coffee taste is not as strong as I think it'll be, which is always a plus to me! The texture on the other hand is soft and smooth enough for my liking, coolness~ Vn_nV

Next on my list are their chocolate macaroon and chicken quiche. Placed highly on the top tier, these sweet and savory couples definitely are the main highlight of the high tea =) The chicken quiche were cutely served in a tart crust, very chic and delicious finger food that's perfect for kids to adult! The macaroon is another surprise for me, it tasted very much like a fusion of chocolate and orange, not too sweet nor too bland, just the way it's supposed to be, I'm in love ❤_❤

Did I mention about their raisin scones yet? It's a nice twist from the plain one that I normally bought =) I like raisins in pastries, it brings out more flavour without additional sweetener, healthier alternative for me obviously, LOL You can always have it with butter and jam like the English do, wink2 Beside their signature High Tea Set, Teaffani also offers wide array of selection from sandwiches, cakes, finger foods, desserts, cookies and scones freshly bake for their customers at their cafe as well. Pair your pick with their premium tea, you'll feel like living in an European country, hehe =P

Of course an event wouldn't be complete without any group photos, right? Since the girls came clad in a school uniform ala Gossip Girls, everyone was more than excited to showcase their outfit and pose for the camera =) I like the tartan inspired prints they're wearing, very adorable =) My interpretation of the theme however clearly differ from what other girls have in mind so I choose to minimize my camwhore instinct that day, LOL I can't resist taking picture with Ms Rachel though, she's so pretty ❤

The best thing of all, each and everyone of us get to bring back home the delicious Chocolate Rocher biscuits from Teaffani & Lullabelle's bestseller items; Sweet Orange Nail Ointment and Purple Magical Ointment, weeeeeeeeeeee~ For those of you who's unfamiliar with Lullabelle, they're selling variety of natural hand made products from soaps, lipbalms, body scrubs, ointments, herbal balms to facial mists, pretty much every things a girl need in their survival kit, wink2 

For more information about Teaffani, please do visit their FB page here & like Lullabelle's FB page here for more awesome potions and beauty updates ^_^ Don't forget to spread the love to the lovely butterflies at The Butterfly Project FB page at this link to be a part of the awesome beauty community ❤ Till then, enjoy the long weekend girls, muahssss~

p.s : picture credits to The Butterfly Project FB page =)


  1. love scones, especially with a generous spread of cream cheese :P

  2. i never tried it with cream cheese actually, now you're making me excited to try it, thanks Ken ^_^

  3. Hmm, I wish I was in Malaysia to eat this! The tea sets are so girly, love it!

  4. Very girly indeed, I wish I can bring it all back home, wink2


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