Ready for Samsung Galaxy S4...

Have you heard the latest buzz in town? Well, rumour has it the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be here, on our shore very very soon, yeay!!! @_@ The excitement for the gadget had escalated drastically over the weekend, with tech enthusiasts, press, bloggers, fans and even yours truly waiting impatiently to catch the first glimpse of the Samsung mobile new addition, Samsung Galaxy S4  

Driving by the huge billboard on the way to my office everyday doesn't help much with my case either. It only fuel my anticipation more than ever unfortunately =_= I'm pretty sure you'll feel the same way too if you watch the commercial below =) So many functions for so little thing, it's brilliant with the capital B!!! Taking pictures of both camera simultaneously, Smart Stay + Smart Pause + Smart Scroll + Smart Alert; I wish I think of that...


While browsing H&M summer collection at Lot 10 the other day, the crowd were entertained by the Glee inspired street performance covering hits like Lady Gaga's - Age of Glory to Stevie Wonders - Isn't She Lovely, with a little twist of course; all the lyrics were talking about the much awaited, Samsung Galaxy S4!!! What a cute gimmick indeed, I enjoy the scene way too much, I almost walk out of H&M without paying, LOL

The gig doesn't end there, Samsung singing sensation also dropped by at other major shopping outlets to spread the love for the Galaxy S4. Right after Lot 10, they continue to wow the passersby at Low Yatt Plaza and Sunway Pyramid. With violins and cello players in tow, they delivered a splendid performance complete with catchy dance steps and beats @_@ Just what I need to cheer up my lazy weekend, wink2  

Looking back at the pictures I took, how I wish I get them on video instead, sigh~ I really like the randomness of street performance I don't really think I have the guts to sing or play guitar publicly like that, way to go guys!!! =) Speaking of S4, you can witness the coolness of the phone at your nearest Samsung centres this weekend, weeeee~ You can also pre-order through TelCo providers now if you don't wanna miss a thing, wink2 Till then, get ready 4 the next Galaxy guys, adieu~ 

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