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These couple of months have not been easy for me, my mum was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy earlier this year and my little brother was badly injured from a nasty accident couple of weeks ago =( It really saddened me that I can't do much to ease their pain, I really wish I can do something to make them feel better... I did came up with some ideas to cheer them up but of course all of it were rejected, sigh~ Thank god they both agreed on a mini facial session, a backup plan that I devised at the spur of moment, wink2

Do you still remembered the Timeless Truth Mask that I briefly review in my Vanity Trove March box here? Well, they send me not 1,2,3 but 4 masks + vouchers as a gift for my participation in The Butterfly's Project - Beauty Bloggers and Plusizekitten giveaway, awww thanks guys =) The timing couldn't have been better, now I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!!! Both my mum and brother can have their mini facial and I can spread the love for this wonderful mask to my awesome readers, what's not to love right? ❤_

I'll focus this on Timeless Truth Instantaneous Brightnening Cooling Mask that I used on my little brother in this post since his skin transformation was quite obvious compared to my mum =) I begin the session by thoroughly cleansed his dull face using my new favorite cleanser from Ciracle (I'll blog about it soon =P) I know he haven't take a good care of himself lately so I guess a big sister got to do what she have to do right? LOL Next, I'm using my toner from Loreal to remove any remaining dirt and impurities on his face. Since this Timeless Truth mask coming with moisturizing effect, I choose to skip the moisturizer and using this mask for his face instead @_@

If you look closely at the above pictures, you can see tremendous improvement on his skin complexion and he look almost glowing and radiant don't you think? Please ignore his smug expression though, I'm done telling him it is not flattering, sigh~ There's no edit whatsoever by the way to both pictures, just a slight different angle but still you can't missed the difference right? He's not a man with many words but he did told me that his skin feel very supple, moisturize and how much he love the cooling sensation =)

If you're looking for instant brightening effect with cool/refreshing feeling which can also moisturize your skin, this mask is clearly for you!!! Retail at RM8 per piece, Timeless Truth Mask is also an International Award Winning Halal Certified Facial Masks and available exclusively at Burj Al-Arab Hotel, something that other brands can't brag about, wink2 If this mask wasn't really your cup of tea, afraid not dearies, they have various type of masks that covered wide range of skin concerns under their wing =) Just visit their website here or FB page here to purchase and don't forget to let me know what do you think about it ya girls ^_~


  1. hehe.. your brother muka pasrah jadi model :P

  2. dia mmg selalu pasrah & redha jadi bahan eksperimen, tp kdg2 excited terlebih pulak, haha =D


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