Pursuit Of Happiness...

It's funny sometimes how little things can make me happy... I'm happy today because I have made someone else happy (by making fun of myself as usual of course, hehhhe =P) I'm happy because I get unexpected gift out of the blue from my daddy, hehhhe ^_^ (don't be jealous Tqah *wink2*) I'm also happy because my sis, Kak Zura will celebrate Raya this year with us for the very first time in 5 years period...yeay!!! ^_^ I'm happy because I just realize how fortunate I'm to have such a strong support system around me... (my precious family and my lovely friends, I love u guys!!! ^_^) I'm happy today because I make it to the dean list again, hehhhe =P (but this sem I'm not that confident la~ T-T) I'm happy because I'll finally get my hands on the gorgeous Stila makeup case very2 soon~ @_@ (thanx dear, u know who u are, hehhhe =P) AND I'm happy because I love being happy for no reason, hehhe =D Don't worry girls, be happy~ Gambate, hait2!!!

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