Mia Stila...

Hehhhe, it's been forever since my last post... =P I'm quite bz with my midterm, never-ending assignment, workload and my latest obssession, Tagged ^_^ (add me if u have one, hehheh =P)

I have lots of catching up to do, especially with my dear friends... sorry guys, =( I'll make it up to all of u soon, I promise ^_^ Btw, this post isn't about my chaotic and frenzy days, I just wanna share a little about my latest Stila addition with you guys... All these, thanks to my sweet angel!!! Love you so much, girl ^_^ Suki Desu~

My gorgeous Stila make-up case ^_^
(still got lots of room for new stuff, hehhe =P)

Cute Stila make-up bag from Steady magz ^_^

Stila Trio Eyeshadow - Pon Pon Gerbera ^_^


  1. ee... I want the makeup case too!!! Ayna bestnya.. how you get it???

  2. Vivian, actually its a favour from someone because it wasn't given anymore for the Stila GF redemption... =( I'm not sure if they still have it la, girl... I'll try asking around for you, ya... ^_^

  3. you r so lucky!! oh thank q.. do let me know ya if any news on the case. *hopefully*

  4. vivian u like Stila's make up case? me too.. i love it.. but cannot put too much barang, the magnet is the only thing keeping the cover from opening, Ayna.

    Hopefully the make up case comes back for redemption/purchases promotion.

  5. lastime i also have this makeup box
    but only can put small item,so i give my friend ady...

  6. waaaaa... so generous lah u give out the very2 kawaii makeup box to ur friend, hehehhe +_+ it's absolute keeper!!! i love mine sooo very much!!! ^_~

  7. Yup truly collectible. =) Whoa luckynye u, got someone kind enuff to give this cute makeup case as a gift. I had to buy it myself for rm50. But hey, it's worth it!

  8. B4 the Stila sales, it's so freaking hard to get that case... You have to make purchases more than RM1.5k in order to earn it... But I knew someone kind enough to sell it to me without going through all the troubles... (sounds like illegal dealing lah pulak, hehehhe =D) suddenly with all the sales, everyone can easily bought it, I just don't feel so special anymore.. sob2 T-T


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