He's Just Not Into You...

In conjunction of the upcoming movie, He's Just Not Into You to the silver screen, I feel compelled to write down about my pathetic love life... I will be 25 in 2 months but sadly, I haven't come close to meet my dream guy... Actually, I never feel the pressure to settle down and having a family of my own before because my parents and my close friends never really push me about it but with my busy body aunties and my stupid colleagues (who assume all the unmarried female are losers) keep asking and scrutinized my social life, I definitely started thinking about it...

Sometimes I wish I'm still in my early 20's, where my single status won't be a subject, but I knew at that age, I can't possibly have the same confidence and zeal for life that I already have today... In the past few years, I started to going out more, met new people and slowly learn to be comfortable in my own skin... I knew that I'm not cute enough to attract guys so I fully utilized my personality to overshadow all my other weaknesses, hehehhe =D But those who like me are either too young or too old for me... =( Men closer to my age usually are the shallow type, they only looking for the younger and cuter girls, so sad but true~

I try to approach few guys around my age, going out and met couple of times but I absolutely have no idea whether they regards me as friends or do they attracted to me in more than a friends way or whether they dislike me but don't want to hurt my feeling... =_= I truly wish I could tell !!! I'm so afraid that I won't like their answers so I never bother to ask... They are being flirty and sweet but I learn the hard way that it doesn't necessarily meant they are into you... More than often, it just a stupid game they play to amuse themselves... These kind of mixed signal always left me confused and unsure to take it to the next level or just content with being friends... I hate feeling sorry for myself but I desperately wish there are some kind of manual for my situation... Waaaaaa~ where all the good men goes??? T-T sob2


  1. T_T sob osb... i duno that many guys too..sob sob...

    manage to meet my now bf 9 years ago from my college friend bcoz do project T_T

  2. good for u dear!!! ^_^ most men i knew are the bad one, you know... the good one are always taken and unavailable... sob T-T

  3. u are cute in ur own way babe! ;)

  4. thanks aida for ur vote of confidence, hehehhe =P

  5. Don't give up the hope, even though most of the good men are already taken.

  6. I'll definitely keep that in mind, mr brain... ^_~ thankq


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