Sick Cycle Carousel...

I rarely sick so this one actually caught me by surprised... I'm not sure is it because of the outbreak or my heartbreak or the combination of both but my feverish state was like never before... Everything I ate didn't stayed long and I lost my appetite completely... and I do look like a Zombie!!! =_=... The last time I'm sick like this was during my trip to Langkawi 5 years ago... Arghhhh~ To make it worst, I have 2 more exam next week, 1 major interview to attend and I missed the STILA grand sale!!! sob2 T-T April sure wasn't my lucky month this year!!!


  1. ayna!!! T___T get well soon babe!!!

    smudge pot set sudah habis! i have place orders for u T____T

    but the single ones are rm35 only! wan that instead?? but no brush T___T kalayu nak brush can order no.28 rm40 only!!!

  2. waaaaaa.. sedih ma, me wan that set so baaadddd Y_Y nway, thanks for the wish dear, i hope tomorrow i'm gonna get better, lots and lots of stuff to settle.... pening =(

  3. wahhhh jangan jadi zombie wei... get well soon! cayokk!

  4. hehehhe, dah jadi zombie kampung pisang dah pun... =P btw, thanx so much girl 4 the wish.. doalah aku bertambah sehat dan bertambah cun, okeh!!! hehehhe ^_^


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