There she goes...

Smudgepot Trio Set, Stila Can, Blanc Palette, Contour Set, Cherry Crush & Scarlett Palette

I'm so deliriously happy with my latest Stila purchase... It's not that much, but thanks to Miu2 dear, I managed to get all the hot stuff, hehehhe ^_~ The 2 palettes (Blanc & Scarlett) are absolute steal, more than half from the original price!!! I tried the Cherry Crush today and I'm so crazy in love... It gives me a very natural blush and pucker up my lips like a rosebud,hehhe =D Me likey!!! The smudgepot and the contour set also a great keeper!!! Eventhough, I'm still in the process to figure out the way to use it, I knew Stila won't let me down, hehehe ^_^ Can't wait for my next payday, I want to get my hands on sooooo many stuff!!! I wish I get lots of Stila on my birthday next month, wink2, hehhehe ^_^


  1. babe! glad u like your stila hauled!

    hah.. i recommend punya benda bagus punya mah... dw i try get more cherry crush ok!!!

  2. somebody ask if u wan give tuition woah? in my blog on the post about u n me go out one

  3. waaaa, i must have overlook that one yesterday, hehehe =P aiyoo, she's so far lah from my place... btw, i love my haul so much, domo arigato miu2!!! ^_~ i'm so afraid i'll finish the cherry crush in just a week, hehhehe =P


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