Lost in translation...

It's quite difficult actually to translate malay phrases to english... I've taken translation course like years ago because at that time I hope I will be some kind of translator, then moved to another country, married to cute foreign guys and have a cool beach house, hehhhe =P

Okey, back to the topic, since I can be so damn lazy sometimes with nothing else to do, me and my bro, Boy invented a little game of our own... I named it "Do your worst" game... It's simple, just try to translate the Malay phrases in the worst way possible... hehhe =D It's so funny, u guys should try it sometimes, hahhha ^_^ Below are some of the questions that I can remember, forget the rest already =P

1) Kelapa Parut

Me : Shredded coconut

Boy : Coconut scars

Winner = Boy (his answer is funnier, hehhhe =P)

2) Pulau Pandan jauh ke tengah

Me : Pandan island far in the middle

Boy : Pandan island at the centre too far

Winner = Me (because I'm good? lol =P)

3) Luka lama berdarah kembali

Me : Old wound bleeding again

Boy : Old injury period again

Winner = Boy (i didn't even think of that, hahhha =P)


4) 2,3, kucing berlari, mana nak sama si kucing belang

Me : 2,3 cat run run, cannot beat stripes cat

Boy : 2,3 cat running, not the same with cat stripes
Winner = no winner because we got almost the same answer (he copy my answer!!! =P)


5) Pisang emas di bawa belayar

Me : Golden banana go sailing

Boy : Golden banana bring when sailing
Winner = no winner also, we got almost the same answer =D

6) Hancur budi dikandung tanah

Me : Destroyed deeds contain soil

Boy : Scrambled deeds pregnant sand

Winner = Boy of course, his answer is quite hillarious, hehhe ^_^

So the winner goes to,(drum rolls) clap3x BOY !!!! T_T sob2 I didn't win... But he deserved it la since his english is so much worst than me, hahahha =P Next time I'll make sure I win, ^_^ Gambate ayna!!!


  1. funny!

    i suke yg "2,3 cat run run, cannot beat stripes cat". funny la u!

    i pun slalu kena translate from BM to English and vise versa. no easy task i tell u!

    btw,im dee, miu's fren. saw tat u went parfum shopping with her. jealous! xdpt pergi coz working *sad*

  2. Pening gak kepala nak translate tu, hehhhe =P Mcm ne agaknye nak wat malay lit translation... Mmg koma dibuatnye, hahhha =D

    Nvm, next time shopping with u also, girl... ^_^ Lots and lots of warehouse sales to come... Kene cari sugar daddy la I mcm ni, hehhhe =P


    how about the computer IT translation?

    joystick = kayu gembira!!!

    HAHAHHAHAHAH thiso ne alwiz crack me up also..kakakakkakaa......

    shh shh got any guys here? no right? hehehehe

    omg dee also baca sampai sinika???

  4. hehhhe, noty2 Miu ^_^ this one kind of weird also;

    lipstick = bibir kayu
    peep toe heel = mengintai jari kaki tumit

    I so don't get it, hahhha =D

  5. kah kah kah... pecah perut baca ni...

  6. another one;

    kera di hutan disusukan , anak dirumah dibiar kelaparan =

    monkey in jungle get breastfeeding, children at home left starving...

    hehhhe =P

  7. clorox otak kuningmu itu, heheheh =P


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