Let It Be...

Finally, the 10 days of misery is over and I can't wait to move on... To "the person", I honestly wish u the very best and carry on with your high and mighty life... Lowly peoples like us, we stand up for ourselves and in everything we believe in... I had enough of your excuses, promises and apologizes... Words are cheap by the way, just tell it to anyone who might cares~ But life goes on, and I don't wanna look back in anger... I wish we both can act like adults and leave all this behind us... If our fate do intertwine again in the future, I hope we won't start trading insults and blaming each other... Thanks for everything and nothing... adios muchachos,dude~


  1. wah..?

    girl u r fierce!

    go go go!


  2. Hait2, Gambate kundasai!!!
    Arigato gozaimaz Miu2, ^_^

    (very2 broken japanese, hehhe =P)


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