Makes me happy...

Between my not so busy job, my part time study, and my non-existence social life (hehhe =P), I managed to squeeze a little time for the Metrojaya Sales, ^_^ I'm not really a big fan of perfumes since I'm quite sensitive to strong scent... But because they have Stila on sales as well, I decide to give it a shot, hehhe ^_^ The crowd was crazy and everyone was like buying at the night market... I by-pass the perfume section and go straight to Stila first... very2 cheap, but the colors are quite limited... So, I bought 4 pan eye shadows and 1 lipstick only...

Love stila ^_^
I met other bloggers over there too like the very2 adorable Miu & Tubbies, all of us kind of gossiping and shopping at the same time, hahaha =D Since I'm not gaji yet, I'm restricting my purchase to RM200 only for the sales... I grab a few Marc Jacobs shower gel (super duper cheap, hehhhe), Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker EDP 50ml (this one is cheap also!!!) and last but not least, JLO body lotion (thanx so much Tubbies, hehhe =D) Love you guys!!! ^_^ 

Lovely scent for me ^_^
After that, I hang out with the girls for a while and having our lunch before all of us go separate ways... I went to Kinokuniya, and get myself few books there too, hehhhe =P And they have 20% discounts some more, I'm sooo damn lucky today, hehhhe ^_^ For less than RM300, I get my fav makeup, my fav fragrance and my fav books... (normal price for all of the items is RM600++) I'm beyond happy, I'm estatic, hehhhe =D Suki Desu!!!!
Books I love ^_^


  1. great buys! again, me jealous! :(

  2. hello! i want something for myself too. belanja pls.

  3. Dee : Hehhe, kalau byk duit mmg nak beli semuanye, hehehhe =D Met Stila junkie mcm Miu mmg x boleh thn ma, hehhehe ^_^ Tp x de my fav, gucci envy & DKNY Bedelicious... Sedey la gak T-T

    Tqah : Ade Marc Jacobs shower gel utk Tqah, hehhe ^_^ Nak yg best tunggu bday le... Kina dah pokai!!!

  4. ala dee.. beli lagi banyak now..

    queen shopaholic lah this dee..banyak duit dari kita ni..

    i .. i use magic card.. n kena black magic from bank.. got lah! HAHAHHA

    btw nice review :)

    very good control of your spendings actually... i must learn from u!

  5. Miu : Dee dgn Tubbies mmg lagi rich dr kita maa... T-T sob2 In fact, everyone I knew earn more money than us~ kesian kita kan?? Hehhe ^_^

    Very daredevil la u maxed kan both cards, hehhe =P I bet ur bf will scold u to death, lol =D Next time, u bring him along tau... *wink2*

  6. ayna & miu: that is so not true! although i work in a big 4 audit firm, i didnt earn that much. thats y hv to do loads of side income. i sell off my kids used items (good condition of course) to buy new stuff for them, especially clothing. tats y im a sucker for sales. i shop for 9 people maa.. tats y nmpk a lot. dont say like tat la.. makes me sad :(

  7. Welcome to our "sengkek" club, Dee... hehhhe =P Bile agaknye kite nak kaye raye ni, waaaa~ T_T

  8. hahaha.. at least u r not married yet.. so got chance to carik rich angmos.. me sudah terlambat already.. huhuhu..

  9. Amin~ ^_^ Kalau dapat rich amigos mmg x ku layan warehouse sales lagi...(blm ape2 dah lupe diri, hehhehe =P)

  10. no lah...sederhana je...every month i put a side rm 100 for splurging at warehouse if i x go so often then i have more money to spend on the warehouse sale that i really want to go....

    i x use credit card coz its my weakness heheheeh... then semua purchse jadik emergency ....

  11. Credit Card = Evil in Disguise, hehhehe ^_^


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