Attack of the clone...

Currently all the girls in my house have develop a new disease, (especially my mum and Tqah,hehhe =P) I called this one "The Iqram Dinzly Effects"... The symptoms are:- 

- using high pitch voice everytime speaking of Iqram Dinzly
- mentioning his cuteness more than 5 times in a day
- read anything related to him
- criticizing and praising his acting a lot
- admiring all his pictures in paper and magazine
- compared every men "machoness" with him
- wishing to have him as husband or the "significant other", hehe =P
(Tqah only, I want Josh Harnett/Wentworth Miller/Eric Dane)
Why the sudden interest? We couldn't be bothered about his existence before... The person behind this weird obsession is.......... none other than my brother, Boy!!! Eversince he said his friends mentioning about his features similarity to Iqram Dinzly (very perasan lah him =P), this house is buzzing with the Iqram Dinzly effects, hehhhe =P The funny thing is, I can't see the resemblance at all... Iqram Dinzly is soo much cuter ^_^ What about you guys?


(Spot any differences? A lot, hehhe =D)


  1. hmmm got another photo?

    i think the kening (eye brow) look the same and probably his lips too ah? he looks like baby face Iqram Dinzly too me! hehe

    maybe give a few years for him buff up he will look like that cutie Iqram.

  2. Aiyaa Miu, he'll perasan like crazy if he read your comment, hehhe =P He even think he looks like David Beckham la... that one cannot tahan, hehhhe =D


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