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I'm watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button yesterday for obvious reason... (Brad Pitt of course, hehhe =P) And I never expected how moved I would be by this movie... It's a very2 sweet love story, and sad too~ Adapted from a short story by F.Scott Fitzgerald, it's about Benjamin, who was born with a rare disease... He seems to be aged backward... Physically he look so much older than his actual age and looking younger as he gets older... Very2 hard to fathom at the beginning but as the story move, you will have a better understanding of his condition and dilemma...

His father abandoned him since birth because of his weird look and he ends up at old folks home where he look just like any of the residents there... In the home, he was sheltered from other people perceptions and growing up believing that he is one of them but when he was forbidden to be friends with one of the residents grandchild, Daisy, he knew that he's different from other people... After he was 17, he left the home and begin the journey to the outside world where the true challenge awaits him...

I don't want to ruin the suspense, because I really2 recommended this movie to everyone looking for something beyond love story... It's about life too, how simple act can affects you and people around you, how do you perceive life with all the ups and downs... how do you savour every minutes of it because you won't get a second chance and how redemption and salvation can set you free... (I'm deep today, I know~)

You may learn a thing or two from this movie especially from the old folks scenes... I cried like 3 times and ruined my make up, which is sign of a very good movie, hehhe ^_^ and Shiloh have a special apperance too!!! You will also get to see a great ballet performances in this movie... Kind of 3 in 1, hehhhe =P If you're familiar with old movie, Forever Young (starring Mel Gibson) you would probably love this one... Brad Pitt acting in this movie might have a little resemblance with his other movie, Meet Joe Black especially the innocence part but don't let his acting skills deterred you... You definitely won't regret it... ^_^


  1. this movie really made me think...even after coming out of the cinema n laying down on bed before sleeping. It's impacting me in such a sublime way.. every now n then i remember back what he went through.

    At first i was so mad at him for just leaving his wife n baby. WHY LAH? got disease only mah? but i guess.. nothing can be done.. even though it hurts both of them so much. How he looked at her for the last time is so...omg...............

    nice movie Y_Y

  2. I also wondering why he left them so early... He still got lots of time but I guess he's thinking of Daisy insecurities being with man that getting younger and hotter while she growing older and wrinkler (hehhe, new words) ^_^ Any woman will probably felt threaten by that, but I'll take Brad anyway... =P


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