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We will bid goodbye to 2016 very very soon, I'm sure most of you already made plans to celebrate the new year with your special someone, right? For those who thinking of hosting a new year party and still have no idea what to serve to your guest, well I have something that will definitely excites you! I ain't no Stepford's wife so my idea of party is always something that's easy to prepare in a short amount of time. Finger food, mini desserts, savory treats or maybe an elevated version of popular local dish but what about the drinks to compliment all of them?

Meet Soda Xpress; Malaysia's first sparkling water maker. With the coolest technology in the industry, you'll have your fancy drink fix effortlessly! They have 3 variety of designs you can choose from; Qubus, Pinnacle and Sphera-T that equipped with different functions and shades but don't worry all of them were created to give you a simple and fun way to customize your favorite drinks. No more boring and dull looking drinks, now you can transform plain, cold water into restaurant-worthy beverage cheaper and faster, everyday, everywhere...

The black one that I got here is Soda Xpress Pinnacle Starter Kit which resembles coffee machine a little but never ever underestimate this baby. Comes with a sparkling water machine, a carbonating cylinder and a reusable carbonating bottle, you can now prepare a great tasting drinks with no bottles, cans or electricity! Attractively design to look great in your kitchen or any space, it's portable and ergonomic that requires no battery or external power to use at all. Sparkle up as you go and instantly made your fancy drink fix without lots of fuss. 

If you feel intimidate by the carbonating cylinder, don't be because the lightweight aluminium cylinders were made to stringent standard and highest quality to ensure the safety and purity of the carbonating gas refills. The gas source is food grade and halal certified which can be enjoyed up to 60 days of sparkling water per cylinder if you use it religiously. The empty cylinder can be refilled conveniently on 1:1 exchange basis at any Chatime outlets (except Genting Highlands and Queensbay Mall) or Home Fix D.I.Y stores for a very reasonable price. 

Soda Xpress Pinnacle Starter Kit

The unique reusable carbonating bottle is specifically design to be use with Soda Xpress sparkling water machine. It's a high pressure resistant bottles that are BPA-free and may be use up to 2 years. It's also comes with a fizz preserving cap that helps to keep your drinks fresh and fizzy longer than the regular bottles you can get elsewhere. What so special about SodaXpress Pinnacle is it can sparkle up any kind of liquid so I really had fun playing around with tea, coffee and even fruit juice! It's pretty easy to clean too so I'm saying yes to more beverage experiments!

Did I tell you how to use the machine yet? Well, it's pretty simple actually, even someone who is so not tech-savvy like me can master it easily. There's a simple manual on how to ensemble and operate the machine included in every purchase so I'll briefly mention it here and attach the demo video below in case you're feeling curious. Firstly, fill in the bottle with any kind of water you desired. Next twist clockwise and lock bottle on machine. Press carbonating button for 3 - 4 seconds and finally press pressure release button to unlock the bottle.

I love making fizz lemonade using my Soda Xpress Pinnacle. It's super easy, all I need to do is just sparkle cold water and add on some lemon afterward and I'll get a fresh, fancy drinks instantly! I even love serving it to my guest too. Sometimes whenever my sweet-tooth crave hit me, I'll make a root beer float or home made cola. You can check out lots of other interesting recipe at SodaXpress official sites below or blend in your own mixture according to your creativity. By the way, I heard they'll be giving away 15% discount from 17th to 19th January 2017 at Lazada website so if you're thinking of getting one, this will be the perfect time to get yours! Until we meet again, enjoy your long weekend & have an awesome new year lovelies, adieu~


  1. omg i need this one at home! love sparkling water! haha

    1. yes you need this babe, your drinks will be so amazingly cool!!!


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