Foxy Brown with Samsung...

The color brown has always been associated with "boring" and "safe"; statement that I can't wait to put to rest... I mean, look at Chris Brown, Dan Brown or the late James Brown, all of them are anything but ordinary right? Let's not forget the unique taste of brown sugar and brownies, I don't think it scream "plain" or "bland", more like edgy and foxy (if you get what I mean, lol)

Well, brown to me represent a certain quality that I knew I have deep inside of me, a quite confidence that speaks volume without uttering a single word. Can you see it through my brown eyes? It's subtlety challenge you to come and unearth the secrets that I keep... I'll just let my brown eyes held you captive and do the talking, wink2

Brown is also a shades that have many sides to it, it can be bold, tame, naked and glam; just like my favorite brown eyeshadow collection from Urban Decay Naked palette =) The different hues of brown give me an endless ideas to experiment with, if you think brown is "lame", maybe you need to think again!

It never fails to amaze me how influential a color can be. Brown for example always reminds me of my wonderful family and their unconditional love for me It is also happened to be the color of my two best buddies, Mr Teddy and Mr Rock Star ★_★ This explained my fixation towards people with brown color personality, they radiate warmth in a way that nobody can't... 

The beauty of brown definitely didn't go unnoticed with Samsung. Their bestselling smartphone; Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is now available in another mesmerizing limited edition color, Amber Brown to celebrate the growing interest for a timeless and elegance gadget that suit both women and men without compromising their fantastic design @_@

The awesome traits of the brown shade such as strong, reliable, sophisticate and sensible definitely match Samsung Galaxy Note 2 characteristic with their various functions, cool features and attention for details!!! Perfect as a gift for your loved one, it symbolize a warm and loyalty that money can't buy, just like a friendship and love that defy time ❤

If you're a big fan of brown,
Ladies & gentlemen please don't frown;
You can be the talk of the town,
 With the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Amber Brown ★_★

Available only for a limited time, grab it now at your nearest Samsung outlet before it's too late!!! You can also feast your eyes and get more information about Samsung Galaxy Note 2 at Samsung Malaysia website here guys =) Before I go, check out this cute video from Bryan Lim, isn't it sweet? How I wish someone will do that for me, sigh~



  1. pretty! the phone sure looks amazing!

  2. It is a beauty, hopefully someone will get it for me (hint2) hehe =P


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