Up, Close and Personal with Awal Ashaari, Liyana Jasmay & S4...

Let's talk about celebrities for a change shall we? Here's the truth, the close-est encounter I ever had so far looks like very far indeed, LOL It's in a concert to be exact, where there's no real interaction whatsoever, sigh~ Thanks to Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting; me and 7 other bloggers were given a rare chance to get up, close and personal with Malaysian media darlings; Awal Ashaari (actor/tv host) and Liyana Jasmay (actress/singer) ★_★

We talk about lots of stuff (I'm not gonna kiss and tell, wink2) but the highlight of the day definitely is Samsung Galaxy S4; the latest addition to Samsung smartphone family =) The cool features of this phone are endless, you really have to see it to believe it!!! Awal and Liyana not only shared their latest news with us, they also enamored us with their passion for Samsung gadgets as well, what's not to love right? ❤❤❤

One of Awal's favorite function from Samsung Galaxy S4 is their S Health. He needs all the help he can get in order to stay physically fit and healthy, I'm sure all of us need this kind of personal trainer too, hehe =P It can track the amount of calories in your food intake from just a photo of your food and monitor your calories burning activities from your movement via walk mode or exercise mode!!! It can also be your personal weight watcher, blood pressure monitor and not to forget the comfort level feature that any health freak would appreciate and love ^_^

Besides hosting Melodi every weekend, Awal is currently involve in a few acting projects and commercials with his lovely wife, Scha Al-Yahya. He did showed us his softer side during the interview... What can I say, he is truly a romantic guy at heart, big sigh~ Back to his projects, most of it will be aired during Eid this August, so keep your eyes peeled ladies =P

Liyana on the other hand, very much like every other girls in the world; falling hard for the Samsung Galaxy S4 13MP camera quality that can take fabulous photos in any lights... Of course that's not all, this camera also come with Dual Shot function that can take picture from both sides (front & rear camera) simultaneously unlike any other smartphone camera. This feature really come in handy especially when she's interacting with fans and media, I'm not surprised if she start collecting pictures of her fans after this, hehe =P 

Right now Liyana is working on her latest single, Jujur music video and her production company - Mermaid Studio baby; "NYCinta" which will be airing soon =) Don't missed it guys!!! I took the chance to ask her a little about her musical influences and direction since she's very animated when talking about her music, something that I can totally relate to especially when you're very passionate in what you're doing 

Talking about music, Awal & Liyana demonstrate another cool features from Samsung Galaxy S4 for us that day which kinda make me wish I own S4 myself just to join the fun, sob2 T_T The Group Play function allow you to share your music with your nearby friends that own S4 wirelessly and play the music together without the aid of speaker, perfect for party and private events!!! It's so fancy and hip especially for the younger crowd who love the attention and entertainment =) 

Of course my star gazing moment won't be complete without photos of me with these celebrities, wink2 Awal is so tall and cute, I really have to pick the right spot to make sure he didn't steal my limelight, haha =D  He's prettier than me you know, with dimple and everything, enough to make any guy turns green with envy, LOL  

Liyana is so nice and easy to deal with; and yes girls, she's even prettier in person =) Now I get what made men falling head over heels for her... Her personality really brighten up the atmosphere throughout our interview session!!! I really have a good time that day rubbing shoulders with both of them, thank you again Samsung Malaysia and Manoah Consulting for the opportunity  Till then, have a nice day everyone ^_~


  1. wahhh. love liyanA jasmay.
    sye singgah dear :)

  2. I love her too <3 Thanks for dropping by Nuha =)

  3. Erk , tu akak dengan diorang ke ?

  4. kalo by duit nie...nak blie semua..hehhe singah n follow dear :)

  5. gua belum berpeluang lagi nak jumpa retis2 hebat ni.. biasa la, gua bukan celebrity blog..hehehe

  6. Aisyah : aah, yg bwh tu pic sy dgn diorg, hee~

    Kacang : sy pun x de S4 lagi, sob2

    Muhd : sy pun bukan femes, hehe =P mane tau next time ur turn pulak =)


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