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Lux is a brand that I believe need no introduction. Showering people all over the world with their luxurious bath products for decades, Lux is all about giving a luxurious touch in your everyday life. Imagine starting your day with Lux intoxicating scents, even a man would feel content, hehe =P Who am I to say no to a luxury escapade like this, right?

Scentsational I think describe the Lux Fine Fragrance range perfectly, just look at the impressive stars lineup who love and use their Lux body wash religiously. Sheila Majid, Erra Fazira and the latest one Fazura; every single one of them represent beauty, glamour and sophistication that any women can associate with. Thanks to Lux Malaysia, I was invited to be a part of their media getaway at Melaka couple of weeks ago. I'll tell you all about it in my next post, wink2

Back to Lux, it definitely have the power to makes me feel wonderful just from walking out of my shower everyday... (don't you think I look a lot like Lux ambassador here? LOL) With Lux, my scentsational aura is shining bright more than ever ❤_ Now I can finally be the perfect picture of elegant and beauty ^_^ True to it's name, Lux come up with 5 exclusive variants which are inspired by exotic ingredients from all over the world. 

Do you have any idea of the hard works that goes behind the inception of body washes fragrance? Honestly, I never really think about it before... Just like perfumes, it's have multiple layers to it (top, middle & base notes) that have to undergo tons of experiments to get the ultimate blend. Curious about the whole range? Let's take a look at it, shall we?

Consist of eight mystical ingredients, the Magical Spell body wash is guaranteed to create a sensorial explosion. The complex fragrance has a romantic and sensual floral heart with a key note of rare black orchid. A captivating blend of juniper oil, dark woods, golden amber and vanilla bean are expertly layered on top producing a fine fragrance that lasts. These fine exotic ingredients are extracted at the peak of their bloom, and embraced into exquisite Fragrance Pearls, giving you a mesmerizing scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower.

Inspired by strawberry fields, Soft Touch is composed to convey an irresistibly soft and sensual feeling, blending indulgent florals with some fresh fruity notes. The rich floral bouquet is contrasted with the sparkling fruity fizzy notes of strawberry and passion fruit. Caramel and vanilla complete this creative scent. Lux Soft Touch forms a light creamy layer on the skin which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized.

Velvet Touch gives you a pure lingering fresh top note of sparkling citrus, clean aldehydes and apple. The elegant scent is up-lifted by muguet and jasmine and enriched with creamy peach. The fragrance ends with powdery, woody and ambery notes to connote a warm sensuality. Lux Velvet Touch not only feels wonderful against your skin, it's gives a caressable velvety touch fit for a queen.

Opening with refreshing citrus notes and a delicate floral heart, fruity and musky notes perfectly round off this delicate, feminine, refreshing fragrance. The name states it all, as Lux Wake Me Up provides you with a fresh-looking beautiful skin that will perk up your day.

This fragrance embodies the graceful charm of Lily of the Valley, transparent rose and jasmine petals combined with a sparkling fruity ensemble that greets your olfactive palette with sheer orchard freshness while leaving a scent trail of comforting musk, amber and white vanilla. Lux White Impress is the perfect choice for those who wish to achieve beautiful fair skin as the body wash exfoliates, whitens and moisturizes at the same time

Wondering which one I love the most? Well, I'm actually torn between Magical Spell and Soft Touch, both of them have a very unique scents that speaks to me in a different ways. Magical Spell scent is quite similar to Calvin Klein Euphoria, one of my all time favorite fragrance. It's mysterious, seductive and very sexy... 

Soft Touch on the other hand is the total opposite of it, it's very feminine, graceful and calming. It's very interesting to know how powerful the scents can be, it have the ability to trigger the different sides in you and accentuate the image you wish to portray.

I always have soft spot for pinky stuff so I guess it's not really a secret which one is my pick, right? I'm in love with Lux Soft Touch since the first time I get my hands on it. I can't wait going back home everyday to get my daily dose of Lux, can you believe it? I can't help it, I do take my bath very seriously, hehe =P

Available in 3 different packaging, RM6.00 for 220ml bottle, RM15.90 for 700ml bottle and RM8.90 for the 600ml refill pack, Lux is certainly a luxury that you can afford! Get your Lux now at local shop near you and don't forget to check out their facebook page here for more updates =) Until we see each other again, have a fabulous weekend ladies, adieu~


  1. Lux with fragrance is my fav too!! ^_^

    1. High 5 gurl, which one you love the most btw? Me curious, heee~

  2. I've tried the LUX Velvet Touch! Love it and so foamy!! hahahaha <3

    1. No wonder it was so hard to find Velvet Touch, now I know why, haha =D


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