Love & Pastry @ Wind Chimes in a Bakery...

What will happen when you add some love in a pastry? Well, a hopeless romantic like me would definitely answer Wind Chimes in a Bakery! If you have no idea what it's all about, Wind Chimes in a Bakery is a Korean inspired web series presented by Samsung Galaxy S4, your life companion =)

With Korean renowned director, Jang Jae Hyeok magical touch; the web series is full of Korean unique essence which made the series appeal not only to K-drama fans here in Malaysia but in another regions as well. The 8 episodes series were filmed locally mostly with Samsung Galaxy S4, cool isn't it? 

To celebrate the web series success, a group of bloggers were invited by Samsung to get up, close and personal with the Wind Chimes in a Bakery lead characters; Nabil (Adam) & Koe Yeet (Sue) while learn to bake Korean favorite pastry, the Red Bean Buns at 19 Culinary Studio, Jln Dungun. 

If you're wondering why the Red Bean Buns, well it's actually the cupid in disguise behind Adam and Sue love story! Besides wind chimes, you'll see a lot of shots in the series focus the buns as well... I never knew a red bean bun can be so romantic n_n 

The truth is, I hate cooking but when it comes to baking, it's a totally different story! I love it very2 much =) I believe the Red Bean Bun recipe is quite easy with only 6 steps all together and doesn't require complicated baking techniques at all. Check out the recipe and the method below...

While waiting for our buns to be ready, we were taken to the screening room for Wind Chimes in a Bakery marathon and of course we took the opportunity to grill Adam and Sue with tons of questions and weird request, LOL They're very cute and playful, I really wish I can bring both of them home XD 

Oh yes, besides our own Red Bean Buns, we also have the limited edition Wind Chimes in a Bakery apron signed by Adam and Sue to bring back home too! A very cool keepsake initiate by Tammy, hehe =P Maybe I can sell them on Ebay in the future, wink2

Before I'm signing out, don't forget to visit Samsung Malaysia Youtube channel here to watch the web series (make sure you have lots of tissues with you =P) or maybe you can give the recipe a try if you feel like baking something for your special someone ❤_ Until then, Happy Tuesday ladies, adieu~

p.s : photo credits to Plusizekitten 


  1. Just dropping by....baking is lot of fun! Wish I could join in..BTW new follower follow me back:)

    1. Thank you so much for dropping by dear, yes baking is very fun indeed =)


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