Love Your Skin with BCL Skincare - AHA by Cleansing Research & Tsururi Ghassoul Clay

As I grow older, I realized how important it is to take a good care of your skin since the very beginning. I've been going through a lots of skin episodes throughout my lifetime and I've tried so many products in the market that sometimes I feels like giving up and just let it go. That was before I get a proper skin consultation and know that the real problems with my skin is actually my hormones imbalance. My combination-oily skin didn't help much either so the best way to get rid of the problem is to find the best skincare for my skin.

When it comes to my skincare regime, I always go for natural based ingredients and BCL Skincare - AHA by Cleansing Research and their Tsururi Ghassoul Clay series fit the bill perfectly! AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid is a group of natural acids that we normally found in fruits like Citric Acid (citrus fruits), Malic Acid (apples) or Tartaric Acid (grapes). AHA can help moisturize and exfoliate your skin besides treating acne and improving the appearance of acne scars. Not only that, it can also treats extremely dry skin as well.

Tsururi Ghassoul Clay on the other hand is organically mined from ancient deposits deep within the Atlas Mountain in the northeastern region of Morocco. It's one of the best natural treatment for oily, dry, dull or acne prone skin. With it's high mineral content clay, it produces a strong negative charge and high absorption rate when mixed it up with water. It carries away toxins, remove impurities, unblock pores and stubborn blackhead and comes with antibacterial properties which makes it an efficient detoxifier for cleansing. 

I get the opportunity to try out their star products from AHA by Cleansing Research and Tsururi Ghassoul Clay range for more than a week now and guess what, I really love how mild and gentle they are to my skin. Clean and fresh skin without the dryness feeling is definitely the way to go! I'm going to share with you in details my latest skincare routine featuring 5 products from their line. Let's take a closer look, shall we?

STEP 1 :

As suggested by the name, this scrub is made from 100% botanical cleansing ingredients derived from the combination of Moroccan Lava Clay and Andes Salt. Blends with 6 types of essential oil such as Lavender, Lemongrass and Rosemary Extract to give fresh and soothing scents while getting rid of your stubborn impurities and blackheads. To use, you can either apply it directly to your face and massage in circular motion before rinse it well or you can add a little bit of water before applying it instead.

VERDICT : I love that my skin feels so much fresher and smoother after using it and yes, the cooling sensation is definitely a plus point to me. The texture is slightly grainy but not to the extend it irritates my skin meanwhile the scent is very spa like, instantly relax my mind and body. I can see that my blackheads appearance reduced significantly from just a single usage and no redness on my skin too which usually happened whenever I'm using face scrub! I love everything about it, I only wish I have the full size product instead of this trial pack =)

STEP 2 : 

For the second step, I incorporate the Clear Peeling Lotion from the Cleansing Research range into my skincare routine. This exfoliating lotion contains 5 varieties of Alpha Hydroxy Acid and 3 variation of moisturizer. Made with 100% plant based cleansing ingredients with Grape Leaf Extract, the Cleansing Research Clear Peeling Lotion were created specifically for normal to oily skin type. To use, simply swipe the lotion gently to the entire face with cotton pad after you've cleansed your skin. If you have skin problems like acne or pimples, press the saturated cotton pad to the problematic area for 30 seconds for best result.

VERDICT : This is without a doubt is definitely my favorite from the all the Cleansing Research products that I've got my hands on! It smells so good with fresh fruity scents and unlike some of the peeling toner I've come across, didn't stings and hut my skin at all!. The moisturizing property in it really help to soothes your skin while cleans away all the remaining impurities. The light and watery consistency making the whole experience a very delightful one. This one is really a treasure for sure, I just can't stop sniffing the lotion whenever I'm using it!

If you're into cleansing water, you can opt for Cleansing Research Cleansing Water Oil Free B instead. This water based cleanser comes with 4 in 1 action which work wonderfully as makeup remover, face wash, skin treatment and as lotion. It wipes away dead skin cells including makeup through it's oil free, paraben free and no alcohol formula besides infused with Plant Base Ceramides, Hyaluronic Acid, Nano Collagen, Pear Juice and Camellia Seed Extract. To use, pour lotion on cotton pad and gently wipe away the makeup, holds the cotton pad for extra 5-10 second before wiping off for thickly applied makeup.

VERDICT : I'm quite surprise by how multi-functional this Cleansing Research Cleansing Water Oil Free B really is. I know it's going to cleanse well but I didn't expect it can remove my smokey eyes makeup effortlessly too! Just like Cleansing Research Clear Peeling Lotion, it comes in an energizing fruity fragrance with light and watery texture that cleanse away even my thick makeup while treats and moisturize my skin. Not harsh at all, this cleansing water works great for sensitive skin too so use it with confidence, lovelies!

STEP 3 :-

For the final step, I apply Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream Ghassoul Power to complete the routine. It's enhanced with Zeolite Power Stone; a thick, warming and creamy ingredients that tautens skin grain, tighten pores and leave the skin with a smoother look and feel. Besides that, it's also remove roughness, clogged pores and eliminate keratin plugs from the T-Zone. Use it after cleansing directly to the T-Zone and massage gently for 60 seconds, rinse well with water and continue with peel-off nose pack for cleaner and better looking pores.

VERDICT : I'm a little bit confused with the product at first, the packaging indicates that it's a scrub meanwhile the product details describe the function to be more like a mask and turns out it's actually the combination of both! The sticky texture threw me off initially but my mind change completely after I tried it on my face. Surprisingly, its not as warm as I thought it will be and I really like how it feels against my skin. Comes in subtle, minty scents, I absolutely love how refreshing and rejuvenate my skin feels after each and every use.  

The last but not the least product is the Tsururi Point Clay Pack Ghassoul & Red Clay Power; an alternative to the third step if you prefer to have a treatment mask in your skincare regime. This mask absorbs clogged pore impurities and excess oil from T-Zone and nose. The clay paste sucked out the oils and dirt from your skin and tighten back your pores to prepares it for better skincare like serum absorption. Plant based moisturizer was also added in this mask to hydrate and soften your skin. To use the product, apply the mask to the entire face excluding the eye and lip area and rinse it off with lukewarm water after 5 minutes.

VERDICT : Just like Tsururi Deep Cleansing Cream Ghassoul Power, it comes with a subtle minty fragrance that I've come to love. The consistency is slightly runnier compared to the former product but it gave a little bit tingling sensation when applied on the skin. I'm very impressed with the effectiveness of this mask in terms of removing my stubborn blackhead. Mine is usually hidden in the hard to reach section on my nose so when I see its all gone right after I used this mask, I can't help but asking my husband to give it a try as well! 

If clear looking skin is what you're aiming for, the AHA by Cleansing Research and Tsururi Ghassoul Clay series is definitely worth trying. I've nothing but love for all of these products and I can't believe how perfectly well it suits my combination oily skin. BCL skincare products is available exclusively at selected Guardian outlets so if you're interested  to take a look at the products itself, don't forget to head over to their official site below for further details. Until we meet again, have a fantastic weekend ahead lovelies, adieu~


  1. illy suka juga pakai product yang clay base once awhile sebab the deep cleansing properties :)

    1. Rasa refresh and super clean kan bila pakai? Suke2 sgt2 esp kalau nak buang blackhead <3


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