Levi's Lebaran 2017 Campaign Featuring Performance Cool Collection

Every Ramadhan, Muslims all over the world from different ethnicity and background began fasting from dusk to dawn. It's time for self-control and refrain especially from anger, jealousy and hate. In the true and generous spirit of Ramadhan, Levi's encourage you to remain true to yourself and be victorious over temptations and other negativity with the presentation of a music video, The Victory Song which aim to extend positivity and optimism as well as to instill authentic self-expression through #WearYourPersonality #PakaiKeperibadianmu. 

The Victory Song, starring Malaysian songbird, Daiyan Trisha and Indonesia's Randy Pandugo is a collaborative effort to inspire fans of Levi's to celebrate the festive season by wearing their real self. A high-spirited approach that taps on deep emotion, the music video also injects effortless styles and modernity with Levi's cutting edge Performance Cool jeans as the product highlight. Crafted to keep you cool and dry, the new collection empowers you with more confidence and focus, easing your daily activities, especially in the challenging month of Ramadhan. 

Specifically constructed to combat sweltering hot weather, Performance Cool features breathable fabric that wicks away moisture, enables proper body ventilation and help maintain the body's temperature balance amidst the summer heat. Twice as soft as cotton, it incorporates Modal Fober by Lenzing which provides unparalleled softness to the denim, making it lightweight with a smoother hand feel. The jeans were also made in comfortable stretch with better recovery to accommodate natural body movement, a feature that will make any activity feel effortless. 

The new Performance Cool collection offers smartly rendered classics, sophisticated styles and fits, in fresh washes that are perfect for this season. With the innovative denim technology, now everyone, everywhere can wear denim all year round, regardless of the temperature. Levi's Performance Cool collection is available right now in Levi's stores nationwide with price starting from RM159 to RM359. For more information and details, check out their official sites listed below. Until then, I'm wishing you a very blessed Ramadhan lovelies, adieu~


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