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It never cease to amaze me how much effort and thoughts the Japanese really put into everyday things that we always took for granted. Folding paper; Origami for example can beautifully turns into delightful art creation in their hands and of course the highly rave Konmari method for organizing is making doing laundry a fun thing again, all thanks to Netflix and Marie Kondo. There's another thing however that I always noticed from years of binge watching Japanese drama; the Meishi Koukan tradition or in another words; the business card exchange.

To the rest of the world, business card is just a card, nothing really significant and nothing personal. I guess it's about time we try to see it from the Japanese people perspective. Exchanging business card is so important to them that they even have a proper etiquette for it. It's symbolize the beginning of a relationship and serve an important networking function in Japan. It's more than just a way to break the ice, business card is an indication of one's social and business standings hence the level of respect you command.

So basically yes, just like the Japanese I took my business card matters seriously too. I want it to be an extension of myself and represent all that I had to offer. Which is why I picked an abstract pink water color artwork as the background and a clean, geometric font to highlight the details. I want it to speak for me, I might look all girly and feminine but I can be tough and firm especially when it comes to business and everything I believe in. Business card doesn't have to be plain anymore, you can personalize it to fit your narrative or just go with what you like best.

If you're still unsure which design or arrangement you should go for, I have good news for you!  You can easily get overwhelm with all the ideas available for business cards online so I suggested you check out one of the best site for business cards, Basic Invite. Basic Invite website allows almost unlimited color option with instant previews online. Once you've selected a design, you can change the color of each element on the card to over 180 different color option to make sure the card is exactly how you want down to the littlest detail.

Not only that, the customers can also order the printed sample of actual product so you can see exactly how it will print as well as the paper quality before you place the final order. Isn't that cool? I wish I had the option to do that for my wedding invite 5 years ago, sigh~ Of course that's not all, if you want something extra, embossed business cards or foil cards is definitely made for you. They're available in silver, gold and rose gold. You can choose to go for the flat foil design or pick the raised foil instead to enhance the design of your business card. 

In case business card wasn't really your cup of tea, Basic Invite do offers other printing services such as invitation cards, stickers, stationery and other accessories too. They also have over 40 different color of envelopes for you to choose from and address capturing service that let you simply share a link on your social media account to request family and friends addresses to stored in your account. They're also having a 15% discount until the end of this month. Just enter 15FFF51 code at the checkout and you're good to go! For more information about Basic Invite, make your way to their official sites listed below. Until then, have a lovely week ahead lovelies, adieu~

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