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March had been very kind to me so far, I had won myself few contests in this month alone and the biggest highlight of course was winning the tickets to Michael Buble show last week @ Stadium Malawati!!! When I received the call from Warner Music, I'm beyond ecstatic and rendered speechless because I never really thought I'll win, I just entered the contest for fun without any expectation at all...

I felt extremely lucky because not only I won 2 tickets worth RM850 each, I also got Buble's latest CD, Crazy Love Hollywood Edition, ^_~ At first I thought I won the VIP seats (due to a little confusion on my part), but I'm more than happy with the seats I got which obviously I can't afford with my current paycheck, sob2 T-T

Anyway, that night I tried to come early to avoid bad traffic, the rainy day didn't help much either but we managed to arrive just in time before the show started and catch the opening act by local jazz singer, Najwa Mahiaddin (yes, she's the TPM daughter =P)

I never heard her sing before and that girl really blew my mind away!!! Her songs are quite catchy and cool, I can't help but loving her, you rock girl!!! =) She entertained the audience for almost 1 hour before Mr Buble took his turn and start the show at 8.35pm.

He begin the show with Cry Me A River, a very2 good choice on his part, it's also one of my favorite... And all the 9,000 crowd can't stop shrieking and screaming when the very talented Mr. Buble finally show up on stage!!!

He dazzle us with his amazing vocal. his aura and also the fireworks, we can't hardly take our eyes of him!!! When he sing, he really2 sing from his heart and with deep emotion, I got goosebump everywhere and I'm not even cold that night, that's how good he is!!! =)

We were seated at the right side of the stage so I'm having difficulties to capture great pics; thank god there is a giant monitor on the right side of the stage for our viewing pleasure, so I didn't felt that bad, hee~

Buble mainly sang songs from his latest album such as classic like Crazy Love, Georgia on My Mind, and Heartache Tonight (just to name a few) besides his other hits like Feeling Good, Haven't Met You Yet, Everything, and also Save the Last Dance. Unfortunately he doesn't sing his latest single, Hollywood and his previous hits, Sway which I really2 hope he will =(

Anyway, his charm and sense of humor really2 worth all the troubles going through the rain and bad traffic, wink2 I can't stop laughing at his jokes and yes, if he's not a singer he do have a very bright future ahead of him as a stand up comedian, hehehe x)

His love and admiration for his band can be clearly seen when he introduced them to the crowd complete with their family background and personalities, and he never forgot to thank them repeatedly which shows how very remarkable person he is, unlike lots of big star out there who barely care about anothers...

He also took a little time to sign autographs and shake hands with his lucky fans before heading to the center podium and mesmerized us with his acoustic version of Home... His adoring fans including yours truly can't keep ourselves from singing along to the beautiful melody and get lost in the moment... It's really2 was a breathtaking scenery, how I wish I could re-live the moment again and again!!!

The best part in the concert however was when Buble tried to impersonate Michale Jackson; it's really2 funny, he's pretty gifted dancer himself and constantly doing his sliding moves and even singing in higher pitch to fully imitated Michael Jackson's voice, it's definitely cracked up all the audience and leaving us wanting more!!! n_n

To my delight, he also sang the Glee theme song, Don't Stop Believing and Disney's classic, A Whole New World, it's super duper funny and hilarious, I do took a video of it but due to my non stop laughing, the video turn up shaky and I can only hear my voice on it, hahaha =D

The lights, effects and drama in this concert certainly deserved a standing ovation too, everything went smoothly without a hitch and in-sync with the performances ^_^

The existence of an Audi car on the stage however strange it is (Audi is one of the main sponsor of this concert btw) didn't steer out our attention from the man of the night, Mr Buble himself and the balls that had been thrown all over the stadium too, keep the audience in playful mood through out the night and let us all losing ourselves to the Buble spell, wink2

After more than 10 songs and almost 2 hours later, the show finally had came to the end... Buble end the night with Song For You, a song he sang without the aid of microphone and chilled us all to the bone!!! All 9,000 fans go all quiet and surrender ourselves to the Buble's haunting voice~ It's something you have to see it to believe it moment, and I can't believe the fabulous night is finally over...

KL actually is the last destination for his Crazy Love Tour - Asian Leg before he ties the knot this April... What can I say, his soon to be wife is definitely a very lucky woman, she get the complete package, a man who can serenade and fascinate her, not to mention good looking and amazing!!! @_@

Before heading back home, I didn't missed out the opportunity to took pics at the Audi's promo booth and bought some of Buble's merchandise for keepsake... =) It's a very fun and fantastic show which I never ever dream I can be a part of in million years!!! Thank you so much Warner Music for your generosity, I love love love the concert so very2 much!!! ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. tahun nie adalah sgt best utk ayna!! Congrats! =D

  2. tenkiu asna, thn ni pun lucky utk asna gak kan??? dpt baby + kete baru, heee~ =)

  3. best nyerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr <3

    1. mmg best glerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, babe!!! @_@


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