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Ever heard of Topshop? Of course you do right? But what about The Topshop Makeup??? I'm not sure all of you can say the same... Well, it's been around for quite sometime in UK but only available in Malaysia, end of last year... Over here you guys can check it out @ Topshop KLCC, the stock there is limited but still worth a look for all you makeup freak out there, wink2

Topshop makeup ^_^

My first purchase from Topshop Makeup range as you can view from the pics below is not that much but I'm so happy with everything I bought @_@!!! In case you have no idea what drawn me to their makeup line, the most obvious reason is definitely their price range; some of the stuff they have here even cheaper than drugstore makeup brands, cool isn't it??? and if you have fast forward membership, you even get additional 10% discount, definitely a bargain I can't refuse @_@

My first Topshop makeup haul n_n

The cheap price tag however didn't compromise the quality of the products and it even come in a very cute packaging, yeay !!! What's not to like, right? So, I bought 2 kohl eyeliner in coal (black) and pewter (silver), a duo eyeshadow in smoulder (purple/black), a lip polish in rhubarb (red) and a blusher in pinch(red).

Not to mention the little detail they have that most cosmetic brands seems to overlook... They attached
a little mirror to the blusher and lip gloss packaging, ngee~ =) I really2 love that!!! ^_^ Can you guys guess how much I spend for my first Topshop haul??? It's all cost less than RM150, average around RM30 for each item which I think quite a steal for all the stuff I got here, yippie~ \\^_^// Go grab them fast girls before it's too late, ^_~

The cute packaging really2 seal the deal, heee~ =P


  1. thank u dear, u should try their stuff too, it's awesome!!! hee~ ^_~

  2. wow didnt know topshop makeup comes in cute packagin!

  3. very true indeed, it even looks like stationery, can fool the teacher, hehehe =P

  4. Love your hauls!!
    Love topshop makeup too!!!
    going to haul more!! totally worth buying!

  5. yeahhh, topshop rock!!! hehehe =P don't forget to post ur haul later, wink2


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