Misery Loves Company...

I got "Tangled", in "This Love" triangle, it "Makes Me Wonder", why you never failed makin me "Shiver", oh, Adam Levine, I'm "Losing My Mind"...

Sounds cheeky isn't it??? hahaha =D This is actually the slogan that won me 2 tickets to catch Maroon 5 Live in Kuala Lumpur last month, courtesy of The Score Magazine, one of the coolest magazine in the planet, ^_~ You guys can check out their FB page here for a little glimpse of their magazine spread and info =)

The Hot 5, wink2

Thanks a zillion Score Magz ^_^

Back to the concert, me & my sis heading out to Bkt Jalil around 8pm with utmost hope that we won't be late for the show which start suppose to begin at 9pm... Since we both are hopeless when it comes to navigation and direction, we confidently used the most familiar route to get there, but along the way, my sis somehow able to distract me with all the weird K-pop song and suddenly we end up in the middle of nowhere, arghhh~ Thank god, her friend managed to guide us back to Bukit Jalil within time through phone and we reached there around 9pm... The journey that usually took only 30 minutes turned into 1 hour long just because of K-pop, huhu~

Maroon 5 fans (literally & figuratively) ^_~

To make it worst, the security people there sucks big time and caused long long lines just to enter the stadium... Even Adam Levine complained about them in his twitter account... The show delayed for almost half an hour due to their incompetence and while waiting, lots of the fans get restless since the band didn't have opening act like any other concerts... Most of us used the free time to camwhore and patiently wait for the band to make their grand entrance...

The massive sea of fans =)

At 9.30pm sharp, Maroon 5 began to fired up the night with the first single from their latest album, Misery... Clad in only shirts and jeans; they definitely know how to grab all the crowd attention and made the girls (and boys =P) goes into frenzy mode, wink2 This is their first Malaysian show by the way so the crowd were more than eager to please, hehehe =P

Guitar hero~ n_n

I'm not a huge fans of Maroon 5 to be honest, so I'm quite surprised to see firsthand that Adam Levine musical prowess is something that you have to see it to believe... I must admit that his track record with all the beautiful ladies do come in handy... He sings not only with his heart but also with his body, very2 sexy, not to mention mesmerizing and his guitar skills especially when he jammed with the rest of the band on stage certainly had me at Hello, wink2 I can't seem to shake out my weakness for guitar players I guess, I fall for them like magnets,
hahaha =D

He dance, he dance... oh baby2 he move, he move~ =P

They played a mixture of their hits from Song before Jane to Hands All Over with new arrangement for almost all their playlist that night, a good move on their part I must said
coz they got all the crowd fall in love with the songs all over again =) They finally made their music feel more humanized when all the unnecessary effects were scrapped out from the songs... Their acoustic rendition of She'll Be Loved certainly a crowd pleaser that night and really2 a huge hit among the fans, coz it got us all singing along, enjoying the moment and kind of transported me back to all the memories it held @_@

Encore2, yeay!!! @_@

Despite a little drama at the front row, the show goes on without a hitch with tunes varied from ballads such as Secret to pop rock like Wake Up Call and This Love... It does astonished me that Maroon 5 apparently have a huge fan base among boys here in Malaysia!!! They even get crazier than us girl you know, screaming frantically everytime Adam sang their fav songs, hahaha =D Anyway, the band ended the almost 90 minutes show with upbeat songs like Hands All Over, Makes Me Wonder and not to forget the very soothing Sunday Morning...

The 6th member of the band, the not so Maroon 5, hee~ X)

Overall, I would say the show was quite interesting, I rank it somewhere in the middle, not that great but not that bad either... A great musical experience and I'm sure the rest of the fans can't wait to see them again in the future =) Although I'm having a hard time to keep track with what Adam were saying most of the time, (I blame it entirely on the group of boys around me =_=) me and my sis definitely had fun and enjoyed it very much =) As Adam mention before he leave the stage, they'll be back again in Malaysia and I had a feeling that it won't be soon before long, wink2

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