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the Lancome Institute, Bangsar Village 2 n_n

Early this month, I was invited to a very special bloggers party organized by Lancome Institute, Bangsar Village 2 outlet from hostess of the day, the very sweet and sexy, Fatin =) And the timing couldn't be less than perfect, I almost finish my current foundation at that time and searching high and low for the best one that can suit my not so perfect skin =(

Foundation is actually one of my major weakness when it comes to makeup, I always experienced difficulties in choosing the right shades, texture, and also mixture that can compliment my skin, so yup, the invitation was kinda hard to resist and to make it even sweeter, we were provided with the golden opportunity to meet with the Lancome National Makeup Artist, Zamri Zainol =)

breakfast from Marmalade Cafe =)

The Lancome Institute, Bangsar Village 2 is actually quite spacious, it have wide arrays of their products display at the front side and lots treatment rooms inside... I came a little early (which surprise me a lot btw, wink2) and we were ushered to a special area where the party will be conducted later on... The outlet have a very luxurious and warm aura spreading all over and with the yummy breakfast from the Marmalade Cafe served non stop, I felt very2 welcome, at home and can't hardly wait to get the party started, heehee x)

star of the day, Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle ^_^

Back to the party, it is actually in conjunction with the Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle release, the latest addition to their fluid foundation range... I must admit, I'm quite skeptical at first, I did tried their Teint Miracle early this year and the outcome, really2 disappoint me, the shades was perfect but the foundation melted away in less than 4 hours... And I did a little research before coming to this party and realize one crucial thing that I overlooked before, the Teint Miracle was specially formulated to suit people with dry skin not oily like mine, no wonder it doesn't work on me, hihihi x)

Anyway, Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle is definitely the answer to my prayer, equipped with 3 diligent ways, Miracle Aura, Miracle Touch and Miracle Protection to deliver 12 hours of brightening effects, with light to medium coverage =) It certainly the ultimate savior for those with oily skin and in search for the best foundation that can last all day (and night too if you apply it the right way =P) With 6 shades to choose from for the fluid version and 8 shades for the compact powder version to cater the Asian skin tones, you won't have problems to choose your perfect match ^_~

step by step experiment on Lancome Maqui Miracle & Brand X

To kickstart the party, Zamri did a little demonstration using 2 different compact powder, Lancome Maqui Miracle and Brand X foundations... In the first picture above, you can see him scrapped out the foundations in 2 different petri dish, one for Lancome and the other for Brand X... He then dropped 3 drops of baby oil in each foundation... The baby oil actually represent the oiliness or sebum from our face...

Next, he let the oil set in the foundation for a minute and after that he stir the oil in the foundation using the stirring rod in rotating motions for a few minutes... At the last picture, we can see major differences between these 2 brands, the oil in the Lancome jar easily soaked into the foundation meanwhile the oil in the Brand X jar still have residue left behind and didn't completely absorbed the oil yet...

another Maqui Miracle believer, Isabel and Traclyn x)

This experiment explained the long lasting effect and anti oiliness of Lancome Maqui Miracle compared to BRAND X, in another words, the foundation can stay put on our face longer minus the oil, yeay!!! @_@

temptation that I had no wish to resist =P

Besides showcase the Maqui Miracle foundation for us, we were also introduced to the Lancome 29 St Honore's Fall 2011 collection, even before the press take a sneak peek, kinda cool isn't it? According to Zamri, it was inspired by the 29,St Honore's road at Paris, where all the socialites, rich and famous dress to impress at Paris, a place I can only dream to explore one day =( As we can see from the above pic, The Maison Lancome Blush, imprinted with the image of Eiffel Tower and brightly lit shop, function not only as blusher, it can also be both bronzer and eye shadows, will certainly making their way in my must have list @_@

beautiful au naturale shades ^_~

The collection also came with red lipcticks, red & black nail varnish and not to forget the Les Oeillades Eyeshadow and Brow Compact Quad, a neutral matte eyeshadows which can also double up to define the brows, I can smell the trend that will hit the runaway soon... Fierce red lips with natural eye colors and mystery red/black nails, I wonder if I could bring myself to follow this trend, hahaha =D

the makeup demo by Zamri

The party will not be complete without a makeup demo by the connoisseur himself, using the 29 St Honore's Collection and Maqui Blanc Miracle to create a perfect day look to one of the blogger, Jean... He's very generous with makeup tips and tricks, showing the best way to achieve the desired effect and lots of humor in between =D

One of the lesson I learn that day is most eye products (such as eye cream) can also be applied to the lips and vice versa, first time I heard it actually, it's great to know insider tips like this sometimes =) And, concealer can also work as highlighter, why I never think of that, it's genius since concealer usually one shade lighter than our skin tone, rite? And he did showed a rather unique way to apply the liquid foundation, which is by massaging to our face using circular motions, it's not only spread the color more evenly and thoroughly, it can also exercise some of our face muscles along the way, super awesome!!! @_@

Jean before and after the transformation =)

This is Jean before and after being touched up from Zamri, she look more alive, lively and gorgeous, ready for work and party from day to night, wink2 I asked Zamri whether this foundation can hide all my flaws excellently since its only have light to medium coverage... Zamri suggested me to use it with the compact form to set the foundation and to provide better coverage for all my skin imperfections... He also mention that the liquid form can last quite long, very2 worthy buy coz we only need half a pump to cover the whole face ^_^ It will look quite white after you applying it though, just wait for a while until the color set in and you will look radiant and glowing before you know it, ^_~

Zamri swarmed by us girls =D

Before heading back home, we gossiped, debating, sharing opinions, camwhoring and feast our eyes and skin with all Lancome wonderful products... I always have a soft spot for Lancome Mascaras and Eye Palettes, so I basically tried everything to my heart content, hehehe =P We were not going home empty handed by the way, each and everyone of us were given a full size bottle of Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle (worth RM130) according to our own skin tone, weeeeeee~ @_@

I have nothing but compliments to the party organizer, Lancome for their generosity and also to Fatin for inviting me and for being such an informative and wonderful hostess to us all, wink2 I know for sure, everybody going back home happy that day and excited to try Maqui Miracle themselves... I did try it for couple of weeks now and what can I say; Lancome, you definitely won me over!!! ^_^

with the very lovely Fatin =)

merci beaucoup Lancome for the awesome goodie bag, yeay!!! @_@


  1. u klw kerja kt avon.. mesti suka kan...ahahah..

  2. hahaha, tp i x berape suke makeup kan strangers, x feel sgt mcm makeup kan org2 yg kte knl, tp plg seronok main2 makeup diri sendiri, hehehe =P


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