Fighting the Big C with Soap & Glory Sit Tight...

If you think petite women doesn't have to deal with cellulite, well think again... According to Dr Oz (from Oprah show fame), a very high percentage of female population - it's 90% in fact, suffered from cellulite all over the world... And after thorough and close inspection from my sister and myself, I believe I'm unfortunately not among the lucky 10%, T-T There goes my wish to become Victoria Secret's angel~ (kidding, haha =D)

Since I discovered the existence of my "C" thingy, I had an irresistible urge to try out every single scrub I could think of at the "affected area" with every intent to remove it from my sight and mind... and IT DIDN'T WORK!!! I wonder why I'm not surprise anymore, sigh~ and suddenly during my weekly visit to Sephora (yes, I dropby Sephora at least once a week, hee ^^) the brand new Soap & Glory's cellulite cream - SIT TIGHT caught my eyes attention...

Soap & Glory did come up with another firming cream before known as "Slimwear", but it didn't intrigued me as much as "Sit Tight" did... My sister prefer "Slimwear" actually because the nature of her job, "Sit Tight" as it's name suggest, work best when you sit!!! It's it genius??? @_@ So, it suit those who work in the office like yours truly perfectly ^_~ Since my sister work involves a lot walking, she didn't like it as much as I do...

If you guys are wondering how does it work, well this cream is equip with not one but 3 major components; Pressocapsular-Firm-System™, Detoxyboost™ and Puffdrain 82™ that comes with double action formula which firm and tone skin while you sit. You just need to knead a generous amount of "Sit Tight" onto the affected area and then allow the cream to absorb for about 60 seconds before putting on your clothes. You'll feel a kind of nice heating sensation and sit as much as you can to activate the cream, walla~ ^^

And after a month of using it, I'm now a believer of the "Sit Tight" awesome-ness, my "C" thingy definitely lessen in appearance and hardly seen even under harsh light, weee~ Now, I can dream of gracing the Sports Illustrated cover again, wink2 You can get rid of your undesired cellulite too with only RM85 at your nearest Sephora now, don't forget to share with me your verdicts girls~ n_n

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