Surprise, Surprise...

Ever since I start blogging back in December 2008, I realized that I never missed a single month without at least one entry, so I have no intention to start a new tradition and ruin my track record just yet, hehe =P 

I had a very wonderful February so far, packed with activities which kept me from spending my precious time to blog =( I'm not complaining of course, as much as I love writing, I love living more, haha =D 

I always have a thing with surprises, I absolute-freakingly love it!!! And this month alone, I had executed 2 successful surprises, hihi x) The first one was the surprise birthday gift for my special someone who celebrating his 27th birthday 2 weeks ago, and it probably was the grand-est gesture I ever did for a guy in my whole life, hee~ 

I'm very pleased to know that he love it so much and very2 surprised indeed!!! @_@ Curious about my so-called grand gesture? Check out my video below, wink2

I sounds funny I know, so let's move to the next surprise, hehe =P It's the Shazwani Hamid belated bday bash that me & 9 other girls threw for her last week ^^ It was a very girly affair, full of pink stuff and wonderful company that I'm so thrilled to be a part of since I haven't had any girly time for quite sometime~ ^_^

She certainly have no idea about the party and I can tell from her reaction that she's loving it very2 much too =) I didn't have my camera with me so, this is the pic that I stole from one of the girls FB, please don't judge my weird poses, haha =D Till then, live your full of surprises life to the fullest girls, adieu~  


  1. February = month of surprise. So what's for March? ;-)

    Anyway, nice meeting you dear. Hope to see you again next time. Take care.

  2. hopefully march will be more awesome than February, hihi =P it's nice meeting you too babe, can't wait for our next get together @_@

  3. Nice meeting u both n the any reason for out next meet up session?

  4. Nice knowing you too aishah, perhaps one of the girls wedding will be the perfect time for us to hang out again? Or a girly movie/ shopping/ eating day? I'm on either way =)

  5. i read from shazwani...
    u'olls awesome...

  6. thanks dear, i'm thanking you on behalf of the other girls as well, hehe =P

  7. Hi, am blogwalking but this is pretty cool... ermmmm.. mind following my blog? please.... see ya...


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