Into the Blue with CN Blue...

Honestly, I didn't see it's coming at all. Korean music scene never really intrigue me before. But when you have sisters who constantly blasting out K-pop tunes all over the house all the time, little by little, I'm falling for the addictive beats and after all, music is an universal language that's suppose to go beyond boundary, right? My favorite Korean band? Of course it's non other than CN Blue. They are quite different from the typical Korean boyband; they play musical instruments, can sing fluently in Japanese and looks very kawaii too, wink2

CN Blue have 5 studio albums under their belt and kickstart their musical career in Japan before making their debut in Korea. With 4 members; Jung Yong Hwa (vocal), Lee Jong Hyun (guitar), Kang Min Hyuk (Drum) and Lee Jun Shin (bass), this Korean lads really making a huge impact to the Japan music industry and continue to do well in all of their Japanese and Korean albums.

If you're a big fans of CN Blue, I'm pretty sure you already knew that they will be performing at Stadium Negara this coming Saturday, 24th of August 2013, weeeeeeee~ Brought to you exclusively by Samsung, CN Blue will entertain their die hard fans and music lovers here in Malaysia in conjunction of their Blue Moon World Tour. Can you feel the excitement already?

Well, get your concert gears on, ladies because we're about to see CN Blue in less than 24 hours!!! I can't hardly wait for the concert day @_@ Before I go and get my beauty sleep, check out the fantastic rendition of Jason Mraz's - Geek In The Pink by CN Blue... It's my favorite version of this song so far, good job guys =) Until then, Happy Friday & stay fabulous, adieu~

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