Glam Raya with Paris Hilton Shades...

I guess it's not too late to wish all Muslims out there "Eid Mubarak" since lots of us still very much in the Raya mode, aren't we? Traveling back and forth to your hometown in this Raya season will definitely take its toll on your health and body if you didn't act accordingly. I'm sure you know how bad the lack of rest face will shows up in photos, so let me bewitched you with my secret weapon to camouflage my fatigue look, the oh-so-sexy Paris Hilton shades from her latest collection

Just look at the bling-bling details, stylish frame and the ombre lens; I don't think anyone in the right mind can say "NO" to this beauty! It's so chic and timeless, perfect for any day out especially when you're trying to distract others from your tired looking eyes ^_~ Even in a very simple outfit, the right pair of shades can create a different persona and instantly glam up your whole look ala media darlings, cool isn't it?

Another thing that I love about Paris Hilton shades is the case that comes with it, it was like love at first sight This clutch-like case is super cute and can fit almost all of my beauty essential! Reminds me a lot of Ariel's (Little Mermaid) clamshell accessories, LOL The initial 'P' with diamante at the heart of the case is a very nice touch by the way, smart move there Paris @_@

Of course when you have awesome shades like mine, you'll be overcome by the irresistible urge to rock it everywhere you go, wink2 And since I spend most of my weekends going from one open house to another, I choose to glam up my Raya outings this year with Paris Hilton shades instead of just being the plain old me, hehe =P If you know me quite well, you'll probably noticed how predictable my style actually is, so yes going outside my comfort zone once in a while do look tempting =)

I know I'm not exactly model material but I really love how powerful this shades making me feel! I look like a very glamorous diva on a secret getaway, right? (you're very welcome to puke if you want to =P) When things get tough and you have the world against you, just put up your brave face and wear your Paris Hilton's shades =) I'm being over-dramatic again I know, sigh~ 

If you love to learn more about Paris Hilton shades, feast your eyes with the whole collection at Malaya Optical or visit their FB page & website to get connected. Retail at RM598, it's without a doubt a worthy fashion statement and investment to every single women out there! Till then, stay fabulous & adieu lovelies~


  1. Replies
    1. I know right? Even with all the glitters it's still very wearable & classy <3

  2. I wish I could be SMOKIN' HOT like you :D so far I dont have the confidence yet to rock a pair of shades, always rasa itu tak kena, ini tak kena..hehe.. and oh sis btw, you're tagged!

    1. Awww, what a compliment, thank you Mieza dear =) I'm so not HOT actually, this is all perasan pics only, hahaha =D Thank you so much for the tag gurl, will get to it once I clear up all my backlog posts, wink2


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