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I believe every single women out there can relate to my First World Problem. No, it have nothing to do with my love life or my eating habits. The issue that has been bugging me for years is actually something bigger than that... It involves me, my body and a lot of unwanted hair that's literally everywhere! It's not only making me feel uncomfortable, it's affecting my confidence level as well... Thank god I discovered Veet 3 years ago, all the unsightly moment is now a distant memories, phew~

If you’re wondering why I don’t turn to shaver to solve my hairy episodes, well I did try using it before, unfortunately  it doesn’t end up with happy ending... I’m left with not only ugly marks and cuts, my skin became quite dry and darker from the constant usage of shaver too! Imagine seeing your favorite body part not as pretty as it used to be, you’ll probably be a lot more dramatic than me, muahahaha =D

Waxing is no doubt the best solution for my problem but going for waxing services at the salon on monthly basis seems more like a splurge that I can’t afford. That’s why I’m so glad when Veet came into the picture. It’s cheaper, doesn’t irritate my skin and I can do it at comfort of my home. I can finally feel beautiful in my own skin and certainly a lot more confident and feminine without worrying about unwanted hair lurking out of nowhere anymore!!! Thank you Veet ^_^

Yes lovelies, as the world No1 depilatory cream brand, Veet use its longstanding expertise in hair removal & continuous innovation to develop products that provide the best care for skin, helping women over the world to achieve beauty and confidence with hair-free, smooth and touchable skin. To reinforce the message to women here in Malaysia, Veet launched their ‘Beautiful and Confident’ contest where all of you can participate and stand a chance of winning a very cool prize @_@

All you need to do is purchase any Veet products worth RM15 from Watson (don’t forget to keep the receipt =P), click on the Veet Beautiful & Confident Facebook Apps here, register your details along with your photo and answer a question in the most creative way! Hurry, submit your entry before 31st March 2014 and you could be the one of the 10 lucky winners to enjoy an exclusive makeover session with Malaysian famous actress/model; Izara Aishah ❤_

That’s not all, you can also download a RM5 discount coupon from the apps to buy your favorite Veet products, weeeee~ I'll definitely use it to stock up more Veet waxing strips for me and my sisters, wink2 For more information and details, do visit Veet Malaysia Facebook Page =) Until we see each other again, keep on being beautiful & confident lovelies, adieu~

Veet Malaysia FB Page | Beautiful & Confident App

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