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Do you know that a recent survey conducted by Dove Body Wash revealed about 55% of women claimed that they only have between 1-2 hours 'me time' in a day because they're too busy putting their family and their work ahead of themselves? Why not this year, we turns the table and doing something a little bit differently to celebrate the International Women's Day? I guess it's about time for us to eat, play and love ourselves the right way, don't you think? I know you want it @_@

To support that, Dove Body Wash through their School of Skindulgence campaign encourage all women out there to start loving and pampering themselves not only once in a while but on daily basis from the comfort of their home. As the member of The Butterfly Project, we get to see first hand what's the campaign is all about during the launching event at The Curve couple of weeks ago. Not only that, we get to participate in fun and interesting activities related to the campaign as well =)

School of Skindulgence is a campaign that centered around 3 different pillars (eat right, stay active & love yourself) to promote a healthier lifestyle among women in Malaysia. Just register at the facebook app here and take a pledge to start your skindulgence journey. This program requires you to indulge in 'me time' at home and share at least a picture a day for 21 days at your Instagram account using hashtags that represent the pillars (#skindulgence #betterthanmilk #eatright #stayactive)

1st Pillar : #EATRIGHT

As most of you probably aware of, the key to indulge yourself all begins from the inside. Pick the right kind of food such as vegetables and fruits instead of oily and greasy food for your meals and your body will definitely thank you for that! During the event, we learn how to prepare a fuss free salad at home that taste just like the restaurant. I just wish I pay a lot more attention to the chef rather than keep my mouth busy trying out the delicious spread, hehe =P

2nd Pillar : #STAYACTIVE

Staying active on the other hand focus on physical activities around you that can keep you healthy and fit. You can start small from incorporating new routine to your daily life such as using the stairs to its full advantage or maybe jogging at the park nearby to challenge yourself to stay active. At the event, we were taught and given a lot of tips and tricks on how to stay active at home. The leg exercise for example, is quite easy to do for everybody regardless of age or sizes, coolness~


Last but not least is the love yourself pillar. The perfect way to show some love to yourself is by pampering your skin with products that nourish and moisture your skin deeply just like what Dove Body Wash NutriumMoisture do. Available in 6 variants; Beauty Nourishing, Gentle Exfoliating, Sensitive Skin, Fresh Touch, Energize & Revive, Dove is proven to be better than milk in giving your skin the royal treatment it deserve in every bath and shower

Believe it or not, it's possible to love yourselves without spending a lot of money, all you need is creativity and determination to begin the motion! It's so fun once you get the hang of it, so what are you waiting for? Sign up now and you'll be one step closer to a healthier you besides stand a chance of winning the weekly prize, Dove Body Wash hamper worth RM100 or trip to Krabi Island, yeay!!! Until then, do check out my Instagram for my 21 days pledge update & happy skindulging, adieu~

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