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Cameron Diaz fabulous legs ^^

I love a lot of things, I love writing, reading, designing, composing and so much more... Another thing that I can't help but loving is my legs, it may not be as long as Cameron Diaz or as beautiful as Gisele Bundchen, but I still think it's kind of nice (at least to my eyes, wink2) especially when I accessorize it with my favorite pair of heels ^_^

Most of us tend to take our legs for granted, we didn't nourish it, take a good care of it, like any other parts of our body, which kind of sad actually... Legs not only function as an equipment to get us from one point to another, but it also support the weight of our upper body and serves to make us looks good in jeans too, heehee =P

I walk and run a lot, so I really2 have to pay extra attention to my legs, I scrub and moisturize 3 times a week, apply foot mask and get rid of the calluses when I'm in the mood and even treat myself to pedicure spa and reflexology every now and then but I still can't run from one of women biggest concern, the nasty unwanted hair!!! =(

Thank god with Veet, the world  No 1 depilatory brand, I don't have to worry about shaving my legs anymore. If you guys notice, constant shaving can make pores looks more visible and not as smooth as it should be... With Veet, we can either used the hair removal cream or wax strips to get our desired effect without compromising our skin!!! Fantastic and speedy result, minus all the mess, I just can't say NO to that, right? =)

Veet's wide range of products =)
They also come with several types of product to suit different preference such as Veet Shower Hair Removal Cream, Veet Rasera Cream, Veet Supreme Essence Wax (just to name a few) and various skin concern from sensitive to dry skin, they have it all =) I personally love the Veet Shower Hair Removal Cream which I usually use while scrubbing my upper body or washing my face during my bath, it's so much easier and faster than the normal razor drama, can be multitask with any other activities during shower and very2 moisturizing too @_@

For those skeptic and non believer out there, you can drop all your razor blades, satisfy your curiosity  and be a part of the new evolution now because Veet will be hosting their "My Real Secret" college roadshow to 6 different locations this time around just for you guys :-

  • Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) - 22nd September 2011
  • Segi University College - 28th September 2011
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) - 3rd October 2011
  • INTI International University - 4th October 2011
  • Nilai University College - 5th October 2011
  • Masterskill University College of Health Sciences - 6th October 2011

Catch them at these selected colleges to find out more about the importance of managing your personal hygiene, tips and tricks on the best way to treat and remove your unwanted hair, introduction on the various Veet products with Veet personalize consultation, free photo session with your girlfriends, get your hands on the limited edition Veet Spa Kit and even stand a chance to grab discount vouchers from Veet's My Real Secret program co-host, Watsons!!! 

Sexy is not a crime, ^_~

Get closer to your dream legs because achieving beautiful, silky smooth legs is no longer a pain and a luxury that we can't afford, it's just simply to Veet or not to Veet, ^_~


  1. wow..macma juru cakap veet!..
    btw..i use veet as well.. :)

  2. haruslah cik nida, hehehe =P I love it too, it's hussle free and kinder to my skin, wink2


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